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  • EllegaardRedstone22

    Jesse walked into the temple. All five leaders were there. Soren, Ivor, Kenney, Randy, and Gerald.

    "We need to see if you're worthy. Remember when I said you must be worthy or you won't last? I meant it," stated Gerald.

    "Huh?" asked Jesse.

    "It's a simple process," replied Kenney.

    "Can't you vouch for me, Ivor? Soren?" asked Jesse.

    "Sorry Jesse. It's been a while since we last met," replied Soren.

    "You could've done something that makes you not meet the criteria," stated Ivor.

    "Really?" asked Jesse.

    "My clients have told me all about you. The Witherstorm, Aiden, the White Pumpkin, PAMA, the Old Builders. Interesting stuff," explained Gerald.

    "Thanks," replied Jesse.

    "But not good enough," said Gerald.

    "What?!" exclaimed Jesse.

    "What if, in another worl…

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  • EllegaardRedstone22

    "What's going on here?" asked Jesse.

    "Short version? The end of the world. Story? A certain individual knows who they are. They caused a potion to go everywhere, causing an unknown infection to become airbourne. Everybody has it. Even you and me. It's just how we die that shows it. You get bitten by a zombie? You become a zombie. You die without having your brain destroyed? You become a zombie. How to survive? Stay away from the zombies!" explained Gerald.

    Jesse got the chills.

    "People who are unworthy don't last long," continued Gerald.

    He pointed at a pile of bones.

    "Good luck, buddy," he finished.

    "Did my friends make it?" asked Jesse.

    "Depends. Who are your friends?" asked Gerald.

    "Axel, Olivia, Petra, Lukas, and Ivor," replied Jesse.

    "Oh yeah,…

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  • EllegaardRedstone22

    Recently, in Episode 10: Giant Consequences we discover that the real Vos died years prior to the series.

    However, I've been confused by this. Before the big revelation, we can see both Vos and The Admin in the same panel.

    Also, when Vos explains how he survived trapped for so long, he doesn't stutter or say something wrong, a common instinct while lying.

    If you go with Petra, the Admin's creations attack Vos who we know is actually the Admin. We never hear him staging this, however.

    So, is Vos actually dead?

    Here's an headcanon to support this theory:

    The Vos we see in Eps 1 and 2 is actually real. When he fell in Episode 2, the Admin took this as an opportunity to imprison Vos once more and disguise as him. The Admin would use this to catch th…

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  • EllegaardRedstone22

    Jesse ran through the forest, visibly shaken by the sight he just saw. He felt like such a coward. As an entire group of people were torn open and devoured by a herd of zombies, he was too scared by the thought of losing his own life, and ran. He just ran.

    "What have I done?" he asked himself.

    He couldn't let his guilt eat him up just like the zombies, he had to run. He had to run and save himself now. There were too many. They were surrounding him. This was the end. He had nowhere to run. He was too paralyzed to move. The only thing on his mind was how many people he didn't tell them that he cared about them. Axel, Olivia, Petra, Lukas. He didn't say goodbye to any of them before he left.

    As the horde of zombies surrounded them. Jesse felt e…

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  • EllegaardRedstone22

    Credit to Gerald-XR-Donovan for the statues in part 1.

    Hello Wikia!

    I have set a new challenge now that there are over 100 possible looks for Jesse:

    • Build one type of Jesse.
    • Build this type in all 11 armors
    • Build every SIGNIFICANT character in te series (No one off charaters, YouTubers, or mobs)

    This blog will be a little journal for my progress!

    The type of Jesse will be Caucasian Male since that seems to be the "default" look.

    See ya!

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