Hey everyone- this is Dr. Unicorn here to present to you a blog.

Now, there's something that has been bothering me for a while. I have always been thinking this: Who are the Old Builders? Well, I have finally come up with a theory, about who they are.

Ivor mentioned the Old Builders in Episode 5, and they were a bunch of 'old builders'. My theory, is that they built or crafted treasures, the flint and steel and a bunch of other stuff, and then something happened, then similar to The (Old) Order of the Stone, they broke up.

Again, similar to The (Old) Order of the Stone, they went to different places around the Overworld, and built a few special worlds. My suspicion is that Isa, Cassie (The White Pumpkin) and Harper are part of The Old Builders. Why, you may ask, do I think that? Well, because they all have built incredible constructions: Isa built Sky City, Cassie built the supposed graveyard and Harper built PAMA.

So in conclusion, I think the Old Builders shown so far in Minecraft: Story Mode, are the following three:

So, that is my theory. Please comment down below for me to see your opinions about my thoughts. Thank you for reading!

Dr. Unicorn, Leader of the Anti-Unicorn Organization 22:02, July 21, 2016 (UTC)

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