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    Music Score test

    January 12, 2017 by Dr. Unicorn

    To all administrators/bureaucrats: please delete this blog. Thank you.

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  • Dr. Unicorn

    Our Wiki on YouTube!

    November 25, 2016 by Dr. Unicorn

    I found this very strange and humorous animation about MCSM online.

    That's not it! It has our wiki on it too!

    Don't believe me? Look yourself!

    Dr. Unicorn, Leader of the Anti-Unicorn Organization 05:17, November 25, 2016 (UTC)

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  • Dr. Unicorn

    Thank you for reading!
    Dr. Unicorn, Leader of the Anti-Unicorn Organisation
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  • Dr. Unicorn
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  • Dr. Unicorn

    Hey everyone! Dr. Unicorn here, to present to you a theory for Episode 8.

    First of all, the theory is the following:

    THEORY: Soren is one of the Old Builders.

    Got it? You sure? Good. Let's begin!

    As far as I can guess, Isa, Cassie and Harper are the Old Builders. But why did I kick in Soren? First of all, the narrator says, right in the beginning of the story, "Soren the Architect, Builder of Worlds, and leader of the Order of the Stone. Builder of Worlds may mean that he is an Old Builder. The three characters I mentioned before have built worlds; Isa built Sky City; Cassie built the 'graveyard'; and Harper built PAMA. They all built something big and 'memorable'.

    The second reason why I think he is an Old Builder is because of the books that …

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