aka Stormy

  • I live in Aint talking ):U
  • I was born on August 29
  • My occupation is Animator, artist, writer, freak :P
  • I am a girl ;D
  • Deforrested

    Mostly about the Youtuber Dimension because I'm so confused on that. Like seriously, how does THAT work?

    - Jail AU, instead of being trapped in a mansion, they're shut in a prison... disguised as a mansion. Tbh i only made this so i can draw everyone in little jail cells scared af

    - You know how everyone's saying how they wanted :insert youtuber here: to be in the episode? What if so many more Youtubers were invited but they got killed by zombies before they got to the mansion :D

    - What if Axel and/or Olivia died in between episodes and no one got to say goodbye to them.

    - I want the Broken Stampy AU (by valarauco-6 on tumblr) to be canon.

    - Someone made up this AU (kinda) where every Jesse remembered the other Jesse's actions in the previous …

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