This is for Domitron's story contest.

Basically what happens if Axel and Olivia came along with you in Episode 5. This is now Episode 7.

Let's go. :)

Jesse: Wow! I didn't even think there would BE a fire world!

Axel: Yeah, crazy, right! That one was like, my favourite!

Jesse: Uh oh.

Jesse notices Lukas' butt is on fire. He quickly spams the button to pat it out. He succeeds in doing so.

Lukas: Thanks.

Petra: You lot having fun?

Jesse notices very clearly that Petra is angry, her expression through the portals has weighed her down, almost giving her homesickness.

Jesse: What's up with you?

Petra gets frustrated with Jesse.

Petra: What's UP? WHAT'S UP WITH ME? I'm tired of navigating these STUPID portals, trying to find our way home!

Olivia: But you don't care about home! You love adventuring against impossible odds.

Petra has a poker face.

Petra: When I have to, sure. But I don't wanna fight JUST for the sake of fighting!

Axel: But that's what we all love.

Petra: You shut it, big guy! You're technically the reason we're in this big mess! And Jesse, I'm tired of you taking the shots EVERY. SINGLE. TIME.

Ivor: Wow. Yeesh. What a way to go.

Axel: Yeah, Grumpy Petra has returned.

Lukas: WOAH WOAH WOAH! I'm sure Axel didn't really mean that, right?

Axel: I meant what I said.

Jesse: But guys, I think there might be clues on how to get home.

He said, trying to resolve this conflict, it surprisingly worked, to their surprise.

Olivia: Really? But I never figured it out.

Jesse: Who the Nether cares? What I figured out is that these portals have guideposts.

Lukas: Yeah, for example the egg leads to Sky City, where there was the chicken. And that skull leads to the White Pumpkin's mansion. Maybe if we find one that looks like OUR world, for example: a Nether Portal or End Portal, we would find our way home.

Petra: Who put YOU in charge.

Axel completely ignores Petra.

Axel: That's brilliant. Which one do we go to?

Olivia: Well, we couldn't find a Nether Portal yet, but here's a Redstone one.

She points to the Redstone Block portal.

Olivia: I'm sure I could just communicate to these townspeople, which hopefully will be smart, and help us get home!

Jesse: Well, Olivia, if that's what you think we should do...

Olivia: I'm certain.

Jesse: Then that's what we're going to do.

Petra rushes through the portal, leaving the group behind.

Ivor: PETRA! Get back here!

He runs through the portal, followed by Olivia, Axel, Lukas and then Jesse.


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