The 2 biggies and the 1 smallie are climbing up the endless stairs.

Axel: Why didn't we bring Jesse?

Harper: Didn't I say? They're staying behind to find the blonde guy.

Em: I just hope they're OK down there.

Harper: Of course they'll be. If I know anything from Jesse, he took down PAMA, all by himself... With mind-controlled friends slowing him down.

Axel shudders for a moment.

Harper: Oh, sorry..

Axel: No, it's fine. I'm just glad I could help Jesse.

The gang continue to walk up the stairs.

Em: So, why did the Hallway go all corrupt?

Harper: Apparently, it was someone who was paying for the mistakes of the past. Whatever that means.

Axel: That's what I said... earlier... with Jesse... when you weren't here...




Axel: Shut up. Let's keep moving.

The gang keep walking. The stairs seemed longer.than usual.

Axel: Are we there yet?

Harper: Yes.

The gang reach the regular door.

Em: Into a deathtrap?

Harper: Oh, Otto made it safer by spawning in the spectators area. It'll be fine.

The gang enter the door and FLOP down to the spectators area.

Axel: How do we not die from fall damage?

Harper: Just don't ask questions you don't want to know the answer to. Come on. We're gonna see Otto.

The gang stroll through Competitor Village.

Slab: HEY! You!

Axel: Slab?

Slab: Oh, it's Harper and the oversized pests. Welcome back.

Harper: It's nice to see you too. I'm here to see Otto.

Slab: He's in the palace.

Facemeat: Facemeat doesn't want his lunchtime interrupted!

Clutch: Oh, you'd take food any day....

The gang continue to walk past the gladiators.

Axel: It's a shame we can't talk to them.

Harper: I feel bad too, but like you said, we're in a hurry here.

They now enter the palace. Everything seems to be exactly the same, except with a new dictator.

Otto: Oh, hello there, Harper!

Harper: Hello, Otto. Listen, we need your help.

Otto: With what?

Harper: The portals have gone disoriented. They're darker now, along with a withered look to the portals.

Otto: I'm not sure what you mean by that but I trust you. Especially with a former gladiator.

Em: Aww, that's sweet.

Axel: Yay. Go me.

Otto: Come, now, I assume he has gone corrupted..

Axel: He?

Otto: A man with a lot of facial hair.

Axel: Hadrian? No... He's dead.

Em: Well, we'll see when we get there, right?

Harper & Otto: Right.

The gang wave 'bye' to the gladiators and into the portals.

(sorry if this one was short. I was on a strict schedule.)

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