Beardy: Thank you! How do! We're Beardy and Beardo.

Beardo: How do!

Beardy: Right-o, what are we talkin' about?

Beardo: What this show is about.

Beardy: Ah, right-o! So, muns, basically, it's like a little blog story activity thing where you, the kids behind the screen, get involved, ennit though?

Beardo: Ennit though! We go on adventures you want us to go in! This may sound familiar, but roll with it, eh?

Beardy: Yeah, mun. Basically suggest your world and we'll do some adventurin' and what not, ennit though.

Beardo: Ennit though. Well, we hate to cut it short, but we'll be departing now. Leave yer suggestions and stuff.

Beardy and Beardo: Cheerio!

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