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  • DatBeardyGuy

    "Tick, tock, Jesse. Your friends only have a few seconds live to breathe within their life."

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  • DatBeardyGuy

    "You sure this is the right portal?" Jesse asked, as the previous episode focused on Lukas. They were in some dark forest-esque area, with nothing but a few cliffs surrounding them, ivy covering the cliffs, and a nice little campfire in a pitch-black night.

    "Well, yeah. Harper did direct us towards this one. It's apparently eternal night, but peaceful? I don't see how mobs can get us without taking fall damage. And you still have your overpowered sword."

    The only person who went with Jesse was his best friend, Axel. Of course, everyone else wanted to follow Harper. Jesse needed more rest and he could only bring one other person with him, which of course, was Axel. Lukas & Ivor probably found Ellegaard and were now searching Gabriel.

    "Why do I…

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  • DatBeardyGuy

    "Do you believe in nightmares?"

    "I do."

    "I have been haunted by these oily shadows, ghastly figures, tormenting me every night."

    "I wasn't exactly the popular guy in school, I was simply that guy who people loved to hate."

    "So if I die here, nobody would care."


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  • DatBeardyGuy
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  • DatBeardyGuy

    Yes, sadly, I may be gone for the rest of the summer. Important family issues are coming up. Let me clear a few things up.

    • My anniversary is July 27 of this year. Go wish me a good one if you want!
    • No, I have NOT forgotten this wiki, I'm merely on a HIATUS.
    • I'm still in the bready meme.
    • And the fact that we're all gonna die.

    Short blog post, but it's more of a status update. Ciao.

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