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  • My occupation is Being a guy
  • I am What do you think?
  • DatBeardyGuy

    "Do you believe in nightmares?"

    "I do."

    "I have been haunted by these oily shadows, ghastly figures, tormenting me every night."

    "I wasn't exactly the popular guy in school, I was simply that guy who people loved to hate."

    "So if I die here, nobody would care."


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  • DatBeardyGuy
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  • DatBeardyGuy

    Yes, sadly, I may be gone for the rest of the summer. Important family issues are coming up. Let me clear a few things up.

    • My anniversary is July 27 of this year. Go wish me a good one if you want!
    • No, I have NOT forgotten this wiki, I'm merely on a HIATUS.
    • I'm still in the bready meme.
    • And the fact that we're all gonna die.

    Short blog post, but it's more of a status update. Ciao.

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  • DatBeardyGuy

    Ivor: Watch out! Do you have ANY idea on how to activate a simple PORTAL?

    Lukas: You walk through it, I was just doing it the way you told me to!

    Lukas and Ivor bump into each other on the portalway to Redstonia (for those who remember), and don't really have a successful landing.

    Lukas: See? Simple walking.

    Ivor: Shut up!

    They look around the place.

    Lukas: You been here before?

    Ivor: Once or twice. Once I get in, though, you'll be laughing... at your own stupidity.

    Lukas: Can we just find Ellegaard?

    Ivor: Surrrree, let's just, waltz right up to the Dome of Concentration, it's not like it's gonna be sealed or anything.

    Lukas: Look, if we can't get in, just say so!

    Ivor: No, seriously, Ellie is accepting visitors today. Don't know why, though. We bett…

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  • DatBeardyGuy

    Ok, first off, hi, it's been a while.

    Second off, The Old Builders story isn't cancelled. Go figure. I just need to catch up on exams and studying. Expect an episode whenever. Be patient.

    Third off, MCSM HAS A SECOND SEASON. HOLY CRAP. I'm interested in seeing how they do this considering there might not be a story arc except for chasing Ivor. Therefore, the second season may be... bland. I dunno, I haven't got early access. (i wish i had tho)

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