the story starts with Jessie and Petra training with the old builder's swords until they hear Olivia and Axel scream, The character chooses which one to follow into a strange portal with Petra and Lukas into the same portal. then Jessie loses the mysterious figure holding Axel/Olivia into the air with Lukas jumping back to the Overworld for no reason which the world is revealed to have strange effects with antigravity. Petra suggests they wear special "backpacks" just in case which you can decide wherever or not to put them on. the duo hear roars of people coming from an arena which they investigate the noise which in shock they see Axel and Olivia sitting behind a quartz desk with Stampy, Dan, Lizzie and Stacy beside with their hands bined. Petra decides to jump into the arena discreetly which you agree or disagree. when Jessie and Petra land they found the mysterious figure revealing as Cassie Rose working for Hadrian and Mevia as Petra contacts Slab using her gauntlets from the Redstone chip disassembled from Olivia and informs him of The old builders survival until Cassie captures Jessie and Petra and forces them to compete which you accept or decline for the hostages freedom against Tim in the ring. Tim is already in the ring waiting for Jessie to come out when glass smashes with Stone cold Steve Austin's music plays with Jessie walking out to cheers from the crowd as Tim looks in surprise as Jessie comes to the ring. the match for freedom begins as Tim and Jessie tie to choose what move to execute to damage Tim. As the match continues Hadrian and Mevia are building something suspicious, Cassie tries to whack Jessie with a nether brick stair for leaving her to die at the mansion portal but gets whacked by the stair until Tim goes for a spear which is met by a choice of an RKO or a Stone Cold Stunner with the Death bowl ref counting the pin. Petra runs out to greet Jessie as he goes for a glass bottle bash with Tim offering to go with them, you accept or decline. Hadrian and Mevia come out telling them that this place is going up in flames. Slab arrives to free the hostages while Clutch defeats Hadrian and Mevia, Tim gives Jessie and Petra the ultimate swords as rewards before jumping into an unknown 3x3 portal as Petra pulls her cord deploying her parachute with Tim.the Episode ends with the adventure continues into "The Twilight Forest" To be continued! Post credits:the bomb explodes with a Reference to GTA5 wasted when Hadrian,Cassie and Mevia dies. Post credits: animal enters the twilight as Jessie recognizes him as Ruben the pig from the wither storm incident.shockers

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