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So, you would probably ask, "Charles, what would you do if you're the president of this wiki?"

Well, that would be a big responsibility, and I wouldn't brag about it, though (Domi says it's okay, but it might make people jealous).

I feel that I would become a great president, and I would make this wiki, GREAT AGAIN! (just like Donald Trump!) I would certainly make beautiful themes here. I would help other users, maybe make "guards". I might as well make great speeches in this wiki.

Wait a second, did you say to build a wall? This isn't Mexico!

Vice President

Who is my vice president? I think Policiamalo would make a great vice president. He seems to have the great responsibility, though things could go bad. I think he would be great. If not, it would be Order (at least she's not like Hillary).

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