Hello everybody! This is Charlie here! As you can see, Christmas is coming here! But first, let Thanksgiving happen, and then we'll celebrate our favorite holiday. This is going to be a lot of fun! Santa is coming, the entire place will be snowing!

Well, don't worry for those who are Jewish! Don't worry that your family doesn't celebrate the holiday! It's not prohibited! (I was saying this because of Lukas Kierkegaard)

Topic 1: What Are You Going To Get For Christmas?

That's right! If you're going to get something for Christmas, tell me in the comments below! Maybe it's a Lego Set, or a simple toy, or even a architecture model! But if you're not getting anything, that's okay! Not everyone is forced to get something!

But, What About You, Charles? What Are You Going To Get?

Dragon quest builders art-1-

ME? Aha! As you didn't know, I'm getting a game that's exactly the same as Minecraft! Called, "Dragon Quest Builders".

You might be thinking, "Is that all?" Well, I'm also going to get a PlayStation4! Since "Dragon Quest Builders" is one a PS4, that's what I'm doing!

Just For One Game?

Oh, not just that! Many others, though I can't tell you!

Topic 2: Wiki Themes

I remember last month our wiki has a theme that is like Halloween. It's still here (unless it's been an amount of time after I posted this and the theme changed), but I have another idea of a theme! I think the wiki should be Christmas themed, since Christmas is coming. Maybe the background should be a snowy biome found in MC:SM. For the logo? idk.

Topic 3: Christmas Countdown

This month is December! We can't wait until this holiday comes! There will be a countdown until Santa Claus comes to town with all of the gifts we love! Don't wait! There are currently 19 days left (this part will keep being updated as days pass by). Start telling Santa about what you want, and soon your dreams are true!

Is This All For The Blog?

Yes, but there will be more coming soon! Byeeee!

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