Random voice: Welllcomeeee ladies and gentlemen to the Matchmaker game! With your hosts... Becky MCPE and Ocelooott Slayerrr!

Becky: *british accent* Welcome, welcome! Thank you all so much for coming! In this game show, we will have one wikian come over and find there true love! If you love shipping, then this is the show for you!

Slayer: Whoo this will be a great series I can feel it! And now our contestant for today... Domitronnnnn!

Domitron: *appears out of nowhere* What's going on?

Becky and Slayer: We will find your love! We will find out your secrets!

Domitron: Great.

The questions

Becky: All right Sparkly Man. We have carefully selected questions for you. Are you ready?

Domitron: No.

Slayer: Great! Let's get started! Question 1. What is your favorite thing to do? Don't lie we can detect lies!

Domitron: Edit on the wiki I like to help out!

Crowd: Awww.

Becky: Lovely. Question 2. If you could prevent anyone from being banned no matter what they do, who would it be?

Domitron: Mons. Duh.

Crowd: Awww.

Domitron: I'll make you think Aww!

Slayer: Jeez REKT. Final question. What kind of person do you want in your lovelife?

Domitron: Someone not too calm and not too crazy. A nice person who will not betray me.

Crowd: Awww.


Becky: AYE watch the language this is a family friendly show!

Slayer: *washes Domitrons mouth out with soap*

The results

Becky: *looks at papers* All righty we have our results. Domi's crush is...Monstergal!

Crowd: *gasp*

Domitron: No, wrong. B)

Becky: Too bad we are running out of time!


Slayer: Well that's all for now folks be sure to leave who you want to go next in the comments!

Becky: And tell us what you think of the show and questions of what we should ask!

Slayer: Next time we will have THREE people join the show so we will have to wait until 3 people step up.

Becky: Yeah that's going to be fun! For us anyway

Domi: is this even legal?

Becky: No no it isn't.

Slayer: Goodbye people's. MOO *runs to the camera*

Becky: SLAYER NO--

  • screen goes black*

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