Hi guys! This is my second blog and we are gonna have a ship battle between Jetra and Lukesse both ships are great but let's see who has more votes. Let's share some Jetra and Lukesse moments.


1. Jesse and Petra pull flirty smiles at eachother during the bridge fall.

2. Petra only shows Jesse her wither sickness.

3. Jesse saves Petra when they are escaping the flooded End.

4. Jesse and Petra hug eachother when Jesse finds her in the Orders temple.

5. If Petra has amnesia she remembers Jesse more than the others.

6. Jesse will hug Petra in episode 7 if Jesse unchipped Lukas

Now it's Lukesse's turn!

1. Lukas smiles at Jesse after she talks to him while looking for Ivor.

2. Jesse mentions that Lukas has excellent hair in episode 4.

3. Jesse defends Lukas when everyone thinks he's the White Pumpkin

4. In episode 5 if you let Lukas leave on bad terms in episode 4 Lukas returns and they both apologize and then they smile at eachother

5. After Jesse earns Soren's trust when Lukas comes in the room he holds on to Jesse's arm.

6. Jesse and Lukas will hug eachother in episode 7 if you unchipped Petra

Jetra or Lukesse

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