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    "It'll be short" they said

    Unfortunately this isn't part five, sorry, it's just a part giving perspectives from characters that will appear in the future, or characters that lived before the events of the series. I am super sorry that it is taking so long for part 5, I have lost all my progress twice in a row and am rewriting it for the third time, this time in my notes app, so hopefully it will be the last time I have to rewrite it.

    "Where could my son have gone? I wonder..." Daddy said. I covered my mouth, giggling. I was hiding in a log. He would never find me here. "Could he be under the rock? No. How about... behind this tree?" I was laughing at this point. "BOO!" I saw my dad peek through the log, and I escaped i…

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    Part 4: Poison

    October 18, 2018 by Becky MCPE

    Btw, NO I WILL NOT BE ADDING THE GREAT FAIRIES!!!! I'm all about creepy, and pushing the kid-friendly rating to it's absolute limit, but that oversteps even my boundaries, plus describing their appearances in vivid detail would get me banned in a heartbeat :P, also don't look up what they look like, for your sake.

    Okay done with my daily rant.

    I looked at the mask. It had pupil-less, (that even a word?) yellow eyes drooping downward, as if it looked sad. It had 3 leaves on the top of it's head. It had a short snout like I did as a Deku Scrub. It's wooden texture felt rough on my fingers.

    "You want to try it on now?" Tatl said. I shook my head, "Not right now, I want to be human for a little longer." I said (WN: The transformation masks are…

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    Fair warning, this part is a little more darker, and the feels are strong in this one, brace yourself, if you cry during sad scenes in movies (not judging you at all, so do I, I cried like a baby watching "My Girl") make sure you're alone when reading this. Or who knows it might not be all that sad.

    I opened my eyes. We were in front of the Clock Tower. It was daytime, the town was busy like it was when we had first arrived. I gasped. Everything was back to normal. I looked up at the sky and the moon was far away, still slowly drawing closer, but it would be about 3 days before it reached the ground.

    "What just happened? Everything has... started over..." Tatl said, turning to look at me. "What was that, anyway? The song. The instrument..."


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    Part 2: 72 Hours

    October 16, 2018 by Becky MCPE

    Hollu, peoples, before reading this, make sure you read the last one... or don't I'm not your mom.

    Let's get started, potatoes.

    You've met with a terrible fate, haven't you?" The man said.

    Tatl hid behind me. I don't blame her. He just gave off a vibe that he was completely broken on the inside.

    The man laughed, "I am the Happy Mask Salesman, I am a simple collecter of rare and interesting masks, all over the world. Don't think me of rude, but I have been following you. Yes, you seem like a young hero who could help me, and in return I will help you with you're... situation." That caught my attention.

    "Oho! Now you're interested! Once you recieve the precious item stolen from you, I will return you back to normal. All I ask is that you return t…

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    Oh boi guys. I wanted to wait a little longer for more people to read the preview but I just couldn't wait to start writing. Its been so long since I wrote anything. If you haven't already figured it out this is a crossover between The Legend of Zelda: Majoras mask and MCSM. I don't think this series will fall flat like the last one. I've never done a crossover before, so hopefully it will be fun for all of us. Sit back, get some popcorn, and enjoy :3.

    Legend tells of a hero, who had slain evil from the land. However, the hero had crept away from the land that she knew. In search of a beloved friend. (Omg that sounds super cheesy)

    Writers note only read if you aren't a Zelda fan or aren't aware about the events that take place: HEY LISTEN! B…

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