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    ... If you haven't read the first one, go ahead and do that before reading this, otherwise nothing will make sense. Prepare for familiar faces to appear in this episode.

    Sososososososososo sorry for the very long haitus, but this is long so yay.

    "Rest in peace... Dear leader." I said, looking down at the body, which was as pale as a ghost, I let out a giggle, "Thanks for holding this for me." I took my knife from my victum's chest. I checked the pulse just to be sure. Nothing. "I'd better run before I wake anyone up, don't worry, though, you'll have some more company soon enough, and I'll put some more friends to sleep too, so you won't be lonely." I smiled, wiping my hair off my face. (the villain has hair, that's a lead... Sort of...) I ra…

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    So this is a thing... It's gonna take place in an alternate universe, taking place where season 2 should've happened (and beacontown is much smaller and less populated and all the NOOTS members live there). It's gonna be pretty much exactly like Town of Salem, if you don't know what that is, it's pretty much a murder mystery game where every night people either go try to kill other players or hope they are fortunate enough to survive the night, during the day people run trials to find out who did it. Anyway enough chit chat, let's begin. (I don't really know how to separate paragraphs properly, but enjoy anyway.) stuff in parenthesis' are writer notes. Just a little heads up this does contain some violence.

    (Not telling y'all Jesse's gender…

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  • Becky MCPE

    I'm not sure whether anyone will volunteer but

    Hello, ladies and gentletreehouses! I've had this idea for a while now, Minecraft: Literature Mode! What in the world am I talking about? Well, I'll explain.

    This is going to be a contest where you can recreate a scene from MCSM (any episode) it can be as long as you want, whether it's just one act, or even half an episode.

    I'll announce the winner in 2 weeks, although this is my first contest so that might change. There's not really much of a reward, but you'll get a shoutout, and you get to feel good about yourself.


    No intense swears or, er, bad scenes. If a word was used in MCSM, it's allowed, if you do want to include swears make them minecrafty like someone saying "Oh slime blocks!"


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  • Becky MCPE Treehouse. Cookies. Crazy laughter. "You truly don't have what it takes to be my cookie."

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    Yo, Dudes and gentledudes, been a while since I've made a blog post. I wanna know what your guys favorite soundtrack was in the game. Or if you can't decide tell me your top 3/5/10/ect not really a limit. The soundtrack that plays when you are fighting the Admin's soldiers + The Admin himself, and when you're about to close the pit with the structure block. (This one: I'm kinda obsessed with the games soundtracks. Let me know your opinion.

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