Here are the funniest things: >>:3

OOTCB sets an explosive off, killing Eyebrows, Wheat, BadTimeNico and And everybody did the flop!  (i mean seriously)

Nukes and Because Slayer farted they fight for a bag. Because Slayer farted he gives up and retreats. (don't underestimate the true power or Slayer's farts xD)

And Plorder came true chases MOO. (EEEE FINALLY)

Bread the pig, jesse, but nobody wears slippers raid MCSM Fandom's camp while he's hunting. (i forgot the comma, it created Bread the pig. I don't intend to correct it >P)

OOTCB overhears The Usher and CHICKEEEN! talking in the distance. (I mean, HOW IN THE SWEET EARTH OF OURS can Usher talk to a chicken? o.o)

And MCSM Fandom dabbed and Becky hunts for other tributes. 

Reuben the pig and MCSM fandom dabbed huddle for warmth. 

OOTCB, Donald Trump and Nukes successfully ambush and kill Dorito, and MCSM Fandom dabbed because it rains doritos.

'CHICKEEEN! sets explosive off, killing OOTCB, and Plorder came '(didn't came ;-;) true.

The winner is CHICKEEEN!

I'm sorreh, I can't make next two games, because I'm sick. But I'll make pt.4 someday!

hope ya like it

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