aka "Niko"

  • I live in Europe.
  • I was born on August 31
  • My occupation is Student Digital Artist and Graphic Designer.
  • I am female.
  • BadTimeNiko

    My wikiversary

    August 19, 2017 by BadTimeNiko

    So, it's been a year since I joined this wiki and (I think) wiki in general. You guys are the nicest beings in the world and you welcomed me in this fandom and you treat me like I belonged with you. I want to thank you all!

    Sorry if I'm too cheesy, that's just my true nature. xD

    I love you guys and I love this community and honestly you can be the best friends in the world. I want to thank especially:

    • Order 

    - Thank you SO much for helping me and being nice to me, you're awesome.

    • Oce

    - You Oce are just so cool and funny and we get along very well ! xD

    • Dom

    - You're quite a funny person and you care about people as much as you love to annoy them with your memes! xD (your memes are okay, I guess.) You are just amazing.

    • Lnerd

    - You are literally a mom i…

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  • BadTimeNiko

    I was searching for a good Minecraft resource pack, then I found one and it brought me to this page:

    (it's not even MCSM resource pack)

    What the heck????


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  • BadTimeNiko

    Hello, earthlings.

    So, to the point. I thought of "Your old self" challenge (can't think of a better name). Where you would have to find the oldest profile pic you were using since you joined MCSM wiki. Or at least, try to find the oldest one you didn't throw away. Then, use it as your new profile pic.

    Help me bring back what was once forgotten... *falls to her knees*

    Okie dokie? ;-)

    I think it would be an interesting challenge. What about you, guys? Let me know in the comments.

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  • BadTimeNiko

    Hi, um... I'm gonna just put it here. Don't mind meh *uploads it* 

    Thank y' for your time.

    • bows and runs away*
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  • BadTimeNiko

    OOTCB sets an explosive off, killing Eyebrows, Wheat, BadTimeNico and And everybody did the flop!  (i mean seriously)

    Nukes and Because Slayer farted they fight for a bag. Because Slayer farted he gives up and retreats. (don't underestimate the true power or Slayer's farts xD)

    And Plorder came true chases MOO. (EEEE FINALLY)

    Bread the pig, jesse, but nobody wears slippers raid MCSM Fandom's camp while he's hunting. (i forgot the comma, it created Bread the pig. I don't intend to correct it >P)

    OOTCB overhears The Usher and CHICKEEEN! talking in the distance. (I mean, HOW IN THE SWEET EARTH OF OURS can Usher talk to a chicken? o.o)

    And MCSM Fandom dabbed and Becky hunts for other tributes. 

    Reuben the pig and MCSM fandom dabbed huddle for warmth.…

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