First screwup: died while in the temple that Ivor had talked to Jesse and the gang about (remember when you would be in the temple getting your new magical flint and steel and cake? I gave the cake to Axel. Then flashed the flint. Then mobbed the mob. Then climbed the staircase filling with fire and lava. Then fought cave spiders. Then you climb up those vines and you see that space that you opened up is closing. Remember where I fixed yeah. I messed up throwing my sword of awesome and it fell and burned and so did we. I was an idiot.

2nd screwup: bruh I had been a jerk and left Petra on her own dude. I quickly panicked and chose to stay with Ivor. (But in doing that I got Reginald's trust aka Reggie )

3rd screwup: bruh I had picked up Benidict and chose to keep him. I had then again panicked when Is a had came with her kung fu action 

3 1\2 screwup: (more of a joke) I had thought I had picked the wrong choice cause I thought that Sky City was above the void (like under the bedrock of Minecraft. Why did I think that lol.) And when we were pushed by Aiden I was so hella scared

4th: I should a picked the invisibility potion to attack Mia (what was her name Mia, may, mila? I'm an idiot help me pls) and gill. I had picked speed potion

5th: I had chose to instead keep Aiden as a hostage, I had given him the boot. I had felt so happy because I was so mad that he had made his goons greif helpless people with ghasts, spiders, creepers, skeletons etc. I had thought we would've killed him if we kicked him. But he survived and then glared. ( I later went back and copied my file, rewinded it, then instead of giving the man the boot I and kept him hostage. And was happy that he would reform and write a book or make a house. HAPPY ENDING

But wait...

Cliffhanging after seeing multiple portals that look like those YouTube what if there was a diamond portal, Redstone, emerald, gold, iron etc.

Welp, stay nerdy~ ima go doodle my but off and go look at off wiki and a boss character, Dedan


~1st Prince of winds