1st Prince of Winds

aka Fortrezzi, Raku, Fusion

  • I live in You know. Wherever you think i am.
  • My occupation is Meme King, Artist, Pokemon Uranium breeder, Student
  • I am Male
  • 1st Prince of Winds

    First screwup: died while in the temple that Ivor had talked to Jesse and the gang about (remember when you would be in the temple getting your new magical flint and steel and cake? I gave the cake to Axel. Then flashed the flint. Then mobbed the mob. Then climbed the staircase filling with fire and lava. Then fought cave spiders. Then you climb up those vines and you see that space that you opened up is closing. Remember where I fixed yeah. I messed up throwing my sword of awesome and it fell and burned and so did we. I was an idiot.

    2nd screwup: bruh I had been a jerk and left Petra on her own dude. I quickly panicked and chose to stay with Ivor. (But in doing that I got Reginald's trust aka Reggie )

    3rd screwup: bruh I had picked up Benid…

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