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Treasure Room

Jesse, Lukas, and Petra inside the Treasure Room.
Name Treasure Room
Type Building
Level Surface
Location In the Overworld
Inhabitants Reuben (Pig) (Framed as a pork chop)

The Treasure Room is a location in Minecraft: Story Mode. It is a building that contains numerous trophies belonging to Jesse's Gang (a.k.a. The New Order of the Stone).


  • In "Order Up!", Jesse and Petra visit the Treasure Room to show Ivor the cyan Enchanted Flint and Steel. Lukas is also present.
  • In "A Journey's End?", Jesse's Gang and Emily (determinant) land inside the Treasure Room after they go through their Oak Wood Portal. Afterwards, Jesse places all the remaining items in his/her inventory on separate pedestals. Then, the Portal Atlas and the cyan Enchanted Flint and Steel are taken by Ivor.



The Treasure Room is a building located within a city in the Overworld. It is situated next to Ivor's Lava House (determinant), near the edge of the city. A small river surrounds the front of the building. An Extreme Hills Biome can also be seen in the distance.


The exterior walls of the Treasure Room appear to be constructed out of Granite and Polished Granite Blocks. The roof of the building appears to be made out of Quartz Blocks. Out front, a large Gold Block sculpture can be seen above the main entrance.

The interior walls of the building are mainly constructed out of Quartz Blocks and Stone Bricks. The side walls feature several large windows made out of Light Blue Stained Glass. Several Obsidian support pillars are set in-between these windows. The back of the building contains an expansive window also made out of this Stained Glass. The floor is made out of Diorite and Quartz Blocks with Red Carpet placed down the center. An impressive chandelier resembling the Amulet can be seen suspended from the roof of the building.




Major Trophies

Minor Trophies


  • In "Order Up!", The Treasure Room contains two empty displays.
    • These are later occupied by a third Nether Star and a Diamond.
  • The side walls will feature banners from either Boom Town or Redstonia.
    • The banners are based on whose armor the player took in Episode Three.
  • Additionally, the Amulet Banner, Gabriel's Banner and a Blaze Rod Banner can all be seen along the side walls as well.
    • The presence of both the Blaze Rod and it's associated Banner may have been foreshadowing events later in Episode 5 involving The Blaze Rods.
  • The Ender Pearl on display is spherical, and not flat like it is in any other episode.
  • An Enderman Mob Head can also be seen on display.
    • In Minecraft, Enderman Mob heads do not exist, making them exclusive to Minecraft: Story Mode.
  • Many of the trophies on display used to belong to Ivor. It can be presumed that Ivor willingly gave them to Jesse's Gang once they became "The New Order of The Stone".
  • Entering the Overworld's portal from the Portal Hallway will put whomever entered it in the center of the room.
  • In "Order Up!", several pedestals were occupied with: two sponges, a spider eye, a pufferfish, and lapis lazuli. When Jesse returns to the Overworld from the Portal Hallway, those displays are now missing.
    • These pedestals are later occupied by the Enchanted Flint and Steel (temporarily), Eversource Crown, White Pumpkin, Redstone Heart, Portal Atlas (temporarily) and Lukas' Journal (determinant).


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