"It's the Order! It's showing where they are right now!"
Jesse when first seeing the tracking device in action. src

The Tracking Device is a special device in Minecraft: Story Mode that allows the user to track the location of the members of The Order of the Stone. It is used to find the Order of the Stone, including Ivor.



The device has a pedestal where the Amulet can be placed. There is a banner attached to it with the picture of the Amulet.


When the Amulet is placed on the Pedestal, and the Levers are in the correct position, the device passes a beam of light through the amulet that splits into the colors of the Order. It allows the user to see the exact position of the members of the Order on the map "of the entire world" if they are in the Overworld. But can't track The Order if any of them are in The Nether or The End.