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TorqueDawg talking to Jesse's Gang
Name TorqueDawg
Gender Male
Species Human
Latest Known Status Deceased
Affiliation Griefer (Mentioned)
Allies YouTubers
Enemies The White Pumpkin
Hostile Mobs
First Appearance "A Portal to Mystery"
Latest Appearance "A Portal to Mystery"

"What're you guys, anyway? Some sort of loser patrol?"
—TorqueDawg to Jesse's Gang and Ivorsrc

TorqueDawg is a minor character that appears in "A Portal to Mystery" of Minecraft: Story Mode. He is voiced by Adam Harrington.



TorqueDawg is a muscularly built man who wears a sleeveless cyan shirt with black pants and red-gold shoes with black sunglasses. He also has long, brown hair and a beard.


TorqueDawg is portrayed to be a rude, prickly individual who doesn't respect anyone. He likes to make fun of others, and is also very loud and loves showing off. He does slightly enjoy those who laugh at his "jokes." He also seems to be a liar since he was lying about a "rare item" (later revealed to be the Enchanted Flint and Steel), that he had.



Killed By

While TorqueDawg was talking to Jesse's Gang, the lights blacked out and TorqueDawg was shot with several poison-tipped arrows from a Dispenser overhead. The trap was activated by The White Pumpkin.


"Worst. Day. Ever!"
—TorqueDawg to CaptainSparklez and Jesse's Gang. src
"Jesse's a boy/girl's name."
—TorqueDawg to Jesse of opposite gender. src
"The minute all them weird zombies are gone, TorqueDawg is outta here!"
—TorqueDawg to Jesse. src
"What, you have, like, 12 fans?"
—TorqueDawg to Jesse. src


  • He is one of two newly-introduced human characters in Episode 6 who is not a real-life YouTuber, the other being Cassie Rose.
  • TorqueDawg claimed he had a "rare item," but it was revealed he was lying.
    • This is contrary to local belief, since TorqueDawg is a well-known thief.
  • TorqueDawg's first and final words to Jesse are close to "Jesse is a girl's/boy's name," depending on the opposite gender of Jesse.
  • LDShadowLady had little-to-no emotion on TorqueDawg's death.
    • This might be because TorqueDawg stole her stuff once before.
    • He stole a creeper head trophy from LDShadowLady.
    • TorqueDawg is the first to die to Episode 6.


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