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Mcsm ep8 portrait-of-tim
A Portrait of Tim
Name Tim
Gender Male
Species Human
Latest Known Status Made up/Not real
Affiliation The Games (In the story)
Allies N/A
Enemies N/A
First Appearance "A Journey's End?" (as portraits)
Latest Appearance "A Journey's End?" (as portraits)

"Tim is an inspiration to them, even when he's not here. One could say he's an inspiration because he's not here."
Hadrian to Jesse inside Hadrian's Palacesrc

Tim is a fictional character in Minecraft: Story Mode who was fabricated by The Old Builders. He was created as a legend who won the games and took his entire team home.



While Tim was never actually seen, rumors were spread that he was a muscular three block tall male. Several posters of him around the competitors' village also depicted him as wearing white and gold armor.


Tim's fictional personality was not explored during the episode; however, it can be assumed Tim was told to be very brave and daring since he single-handedly took his entire team home by carrying them over his shoulders. He was also supposed to be very modest.


  • Jesse has the option of telling the crowd in the village whether Tim is real or not, in case he/she discovers the truth in Hadrian's palace.
  • Jesse was also popularized as the "Next Tim" and if the crowd knows the truth, a "Real" Tim.
  • Tim was never real; Hadrian just made him up so that people will keep playing The Games.

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