"So we're stuck in here. And if we're stuck in here, we're all doomed!"
—Cassie Rose in The Mansionsrc

​Cassie Rose​ is a character in Minecraft: Story Mode and the hidden main antagonist in "A Portal to Mystery". She has a pet cat named Winslow. She is voiced by Ashly Burch. She also has an alter-ego known as The White Pumpkin.



Cassie appears to wear a black shirt and blue shorts. She has red hair and wears a blue cap along with black glasses. 


Cassie is portrayed to be a grumpy, suspicious individual who seems to be very frightened as well. She also cares very deeply for her cat.

She also appears to be a somewhat friendly, yet fearful, individual who is good friends with the YouTubers. Her ruthless nature is also hinted at, as shown when she suggests throwing Lukas outside to be eaten by Zombies, much to the YouTubers' shock.



"Quiet. Prisoners aren't supposed to talk."
—Cassie to Lukassrc
"I'm too cute to die!"
—Cassie. src
"I say we throw him outside and let nature take its course."
—Cassie talking about what to do with Lukas. src
"It's OK, Winslow. Don't be afraid."
—Cassie. src


  • She is one of two new characters in Episode 6 to not be a real-life YouTuber, the other being TorqueDawg.
  • Cassie Rose got her name from Cassie Rose Stirpe, the sister of Eric Stirpe, a Telltale Games staff member.
    • Cassie Stirpe's pet dog is also called Winslow.
  • Cassie has a fear of being locked up, since she started shaking and threatening everybody when Stampy voted to lock her up.
  • Cassie could possibly be an Old Builder, as suggested by them in "A Journey's End?".
    • This is shown determinately when Jesse reveals a White Pumpkin to Hadrian, Mevia, and Otto. In this scene, Otto mentions, "I haven't seen any of those since Cassie left."
      • She also used an axe as a weapon, like how Mevia did.
    • If Cassie wasn't an Old Builder, she could possibly have been one of the competitors in The Games, or an assistant to The Old Builders.
  • It was confirmed that Cassie's last name is not "Rose": (Link)



"Greetings, adventurers. The White Pumpkin!"
—The White Pumpkin to Jesse's Gang and the YouTuberssrc

The White Pumpkin is a character in Minecraft: Story Mode and the main antagonist in "A Portal to Mystery". She is voiced by Roger L. Jackson. She is one of the five episodic antagonists, the other four being The Wither Storm, Aiden, PAMA, and Hadrian. The White Pumpkin is the alter-ego of Cassie Rose.



The White Pumpkin suit consisted of a white pumpkin which disguises the wearer's voice, and a black suit with brown gloves.


The alter-ego of Cassie Rose, The White Pumpkin was portrayed to be a ruthless person who would do anything to get what they want and would even resort to murder. The false identity was created to hide Cassie's crimes.

The White Pumpkin was also undeniably ruthless, willing to do whatever it takes to obtain the enchanted flint and steel. She shows no sympathy for her victims, as shown when Lizzie/Dan is killed, she mockingly asks her enemies, "Enjoying the party?" She is also highly charismatic, feigning friendship with the Youtubers in order to find out which one had the enchanted flint and steel, with the YouTubers really valuing her as a friend.

Despite this, Cassie has legitimate motives. Being trapped away from her home world has made her very homesick, to the point of being willing to kill to get home. She is also paranoid, as shown if Jesse offers to share the flint and steel with her, she gets agitated, believing that Jesse will betray her and trap her somewhere else, suggesting that she had been betrayed by someone in the past. Despite her negative qualities, she deeply loves and cares for her cat, Winslow, saying that he's her best and only friend. As well as that, she seems to show remorse for her actions after getting trapped when fighting Jesse.

Killed Victims


"Prepare for your DEATH!"
—The White Pumpkin to Jesse's Gangsrc
"One of you has the treasure I desire, and I will not rest until it is mine! Even if I have to murder!!"
—The White Pumpkin from a note block to Jesse's Gang and the YouTuberssrc
"What the...Why you little-"
—-The White Pumpkin to Jesse after he/she destroys the painting. (Determinant) src
"Try to keep up!"
—The White Pumpkin to Jessesrc
"Your luck's about to run out!"
—The White Pumpkin to Jessesrc
"Enjoying the party? Ha-ha-ha!"
—The White Pumpkin to Jesse after Lizzie/Dan died. src
"Just give me the flint & steel, and I'll let you go free."
—The White Pumpkin to Jesse's Gangsrc
"Trying to get *leverage?*"
—The White Pumpkin to Jesse after he/she takes the lever. src
"You're not a fast learner, are you?"
—The White Pumpkin to Jessesrc
"The key! You didn't have it, either?!"
—The White Pumpkin to Jesse after spotting the portal key. src
"No, no, no! No, Winslow! Bad kitty! Stop it!"
—The White Pumpkin to Winslow while he is playing with the portal key. src
"I'll give you one thing: you are incredibly tenacious!"
—The White Pumpkin upon Jesse surviving the falling sand bridge. src
"It'll be the best fishing trip ever."
—The White Pumpkin to Jesse's Gangsrc


  • Jesse has the option to accuse the YouTubers of being the White Pumpkin. Jesse also has the option to accuse no one.
  • If Jesse chooses to attack the painting, the White Pumpkin's eponymous mask will gain a large cut on the face from Jesse and it will remain for the remainder of the episode. The cut will also appear on the decoy pumpkin used to frame Lukas. The cut will be absent if Jesse chooses to attack the spiders instead.
  • She is mentioned twice in "Access Denied" by Petra and PAMA.
  • She can often be mistaken to be a psychopath, but however, she is actually a sociopath, as a sociopath's behaviors are derived from environmental factors instead of being a biological issue.
    • Petra and Lukas also called her "The Socio Pumpkin" in "Access Denied".
  • Her white pumpkin can also be worn by Jesse while running from the Mind-Controlled Citizens in "Access Denied", however it won't scare the citizens and would instead result in Jesse being "made useful" by PAMA].
  • She was mentioned as Cassie Rose in "A Journey's End?" if you show the pumpkin mask to The Old Builders.
  • The White Pumpkin is the first female main antagonist in Minecraft Story Mode, as well as the first to be a known serial killer.
  • The part about that she was trapped in the world of two moons, gives a hint that she was banished to this world for a reason, possibly by members of the Old Builders or she could have been trapped there by accident. In Episode 8, it is confirmed that Cassie either was an Old Builder or was associated with them and that she was trapped by accident after she left the Old Builders.
  • Not counting Hostile Mobs such as zombies and skeletons, as well as characters who respawn, the White Pumpkin has the highest known kill count in the game, being responsible for the deaths of TorqueDawg, CaptainSparklez, and depending on the player's choices, either DanTDM or LDShadowLady.


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