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Order of the Stone

TLPYL Order of the Stone Reunited
Name Order of the Stone
Founder(s): Soren
Leader Soren
Members Soren the Architect, Ellegaard the Redstone Engineer, Gabriel the Warrior, Magnus the Rogue, Ivor (formerly)
Allies Jesse's Gang
Enemies The Ender Dragon, Wither Storm, Ivor
First Appearance "The Order of the Stone"
Last Appearance "Order Up!"

The Order of the Stone is a group of legendary heroes who were the heroes of the land of Minecraft. They consisted of four (formerly five) members who represented the various classes in Minecraft.

Their biggest quest and achievement was slaying the mythical creature, the Ender Dragon.


The Order of the Stone had five original members:


Obtaining Ghast Tears

The Order's first official mission was to obtain Ghast Tears. According to Soren, the Order fought Ghasts for hours before obtaining the tears as a reward.

Obtaining Prismarine Crystals

The Order's second mission was to obtain Prismarine Crystals. During this mission, they went deep underwater. It was revealed that they almost ran out of oxygen, Ellegaard had to use a spare bucket to use some extra breaths while underwater.

Crafting Sea Lantern

The Order used the crystals obtained by their previous mission to craft a Sea Lantern. 

Obtaining Packed Ice

The Order went to the Ice Spikes biome. It was very cold, and they almost froze. However, Magnus continiously fell over the ice, and the Order had a nice chuckle on this, which kept them warm.

Defeating Ender Dragon

Before the truth was revealed, Soren states that they destroyed the Ender Crystals and once the Ender Dragon had fallen, Gabriel killed it with his sword.

In reality, Soren used the Command Block to destroy it.

Killed Victims


  • Minecraft's original name was "Minecraft: Order of the Stone", until Notch decided to just keep it as "Minecraft".[1]
  • Ivor is the only member of the Order to appear after Episode 4, appearing in both Episodes 5 and 6.
  • Ivor left the Order because Soren used the Command Block against the Ender Dragon and because Soren lied about it.



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