"There is a key difference between a good friend and a bad one.
Good friends do what you ask. They enjoy what you make for them. They never betray you.
Jesse is a perfect example of what we call a 'bad friend.' Other 'bad friends' include, in no particular order: Fred. And Xara. Ultimately all losers who refused to appreciate the gifts they'd been given.
Now me, I won't stand for ingratitude. So I took my gifts away.
Oh, but then, then, just when I thought I'd found a promising new friend -- such a disappointment. That is when I had a brilliant idea. The perfect way to weed out the bad friends from the good. To be appreciated. I became Jesse.
I was right, of course. The plan worked immediately. Jesse's good friends flocked to me, the better Jesse. And now Jesse is trapped underground forever. One more ungrateful loser buried away.
The saddest part of all, really, is that Jesse will never get to see how much better I've made Beacontown. Oh, yes.
—Romeo interpreting the events leading up to "Above and Beyond". (Determinant) src

Romeo, or more commonly known as "The Admin", is the main antagonist-turned-supportive character of Minecraft: Story Mode, Season 2. He first appeared in "Hero in Residence" and is mainly voiced by Jean-Benoît "J.B." Blanc. (When disguised as Jesse, he's voiced by Jesse's voice actors, Patton Oswalt and Catherine Anne "Cat" Taber. Also, when in Jack or Petra's forms, he is voiced by Jack's voice actor, Fred Tatasciore, and by Petra's voice actress, Ashley Johnson).



Romeo's Colossus form is made out of prismarine and has glowing turquoise eyes. He is extremely tall, as shown when he towers over Beacontown.

His snow golem form appears to be a snowman, but instead of a pumpkin head, he wears a top hat. He also has a blue coat with a light blue bow tie and an ice block for his bottom half. However, in "Above and Beyond" the snow golem's clothes are red with a red ice block for the bottom half.

Romeo's Admin form has red hair, glowing redstone-like clothing, grey skin, and glowing eyes with yellow pupils and red sclera.

Romeo's human form has Caucasian skin, black eyes, red hair, a grey T-shirt, blue pants and white-red sneakers.


Romeo is able to read Jesse's, and presumably any other person's whose hand is trapped in the Prismarine Gauntlet, mind and communicate with them telepathically. He is also somewhat mentally unstable, as noted by Jesse in "Giant Consequences". He is very capricious and erratic sometimes, as seen when he wanted the Sunshine Institute to burn to the ground simply because Jesse did not obey him when he tried to pit him against Jack/Petra. He is also childish at some points, as seen how he taunts Jesse when going to attack him in the Prismarine Colossus form and how he thinks that he can make friends by tricking other people.

Romeo believes that those with power (or the strong, as he believes Jesse and himself to be) should rule over everything, while the weak (such as Radar and Jack, in his opinion) should be trampled underfoot.

Romeo is often seen in search of a champion, or a friend, and often posts many challenges for them, such as the Sea Temple, the Icy Palace of Despair, and the Challenge Room in Romeoburg. However, he is willing to support those who, while not skilled, share his views, such as Stella. He believes that he should only make friends with the "strong" and that his "friends" should absolutely agree with his opinions, as seen when he tried to force Jesse to believe in his logic of the strong and the weak and when he wanted Petra/Jack to prove their loyalty to him by attacking Jesse.

Although Romeo usually appears to be near-heartless, it is revealed in "Below the Bedrock" that he simply wanted to keep the Admins together. He also feels guilty for murdering Fred, so he still has good intentions and guilt for his acts. This is further shown in "Above and Beyond", where Romeo shows grief after Xara's death (determinant) and looks guilty for a split second after seeing Fred's hologram. He also shows a lot of misery at seeing the cabin he and the other Admins used to live in.

Eventually, after he loses his powers, Romeo realizes the errors of his ways. He offers to stay behind and determinantly sacrifices himself to save Jesse's gang. He is also willing to return to the Underneath and "fix all the lives he ruined" to make up for his crimes (determinant).

Death (Determinant)

Killed by

  • Jesse (Caused/indirectly caused, determinant)
  • Petra (Caused, determinant)
  • Prismarine Colossus (Determinant)
  • Himself (Sacrifice, determinant)

If Radar wasn't left behind in the Underneath in "Below the Bedrock", Radar won't appear with the Giant Enderman to kill the Colossus, which leads Romeo to commit his final act in saving Jesse, Petra, and Jack by distracting the Colossus away, redeeming himself in his final moment. If Jesse chose to bring Romeo with them, Romeo runs off getting the Colossus' attention, buying Jesse enough time to escape, before going through the portal, Romeo is seen being crushed by the Colossus. If Jesse, however, chose to leave Romeo, or Petra forced them to, Romeo stands on the top of the entrance and distracts the Colossus, and since Romeo is not where the Colossus hits the platform, he is not crushed, this leaves his fate unknown, however he may have likely died without holding control of the Colossus.

Killed Victims

  • Sammy (Indirectly)
  • Vos (Indirectly)
  • Fred
  • Xara (Determinant)
  • Himself (Sacrifice, Determinant)


—Romeo threatening Jesse. src
Romeo: "WHY HELLO."
Jesse: "Uh, hi!"
Romeo: "DIE, NOW."
—Romeo & Jesse talking. src
—Romeo trying to kill Jesse. src
—Romeo. src
—Romeo to Jesse. src
Jesse: "Go, go! I'm right behind you guys!"
—Jesse and Romeo while Jesse's gang was trying to swim away to safety. src
"Jesse. Slayer of the Wither Storm. Savior of Sky City. Liberator of Crown Mesa. The Old Builders' downfall. This world's champion. This world's mightiest hero. The most worthy. Worthiest in all the land."
—Romeo to Jesse telepathically. src
—Romeo to the Beacontowners. src
—Romeo before his colossus form is defeated. src
—Romeo to the victorious Jesse. src
"Uhh, yeah? I mean, with the smashing and the punching and the crazy do or die plans to protect the little people. Unbelievable."
—Romeo to Jesse. (Determinant) src
"You think you've got it all figured out, don't you?"
—Romeo after Jesse/Jack attacks him. src
Jesse: "Why are you doing this? What do you want from us?"
Romeo: "Why? Why?! Because it's fun, obviously. Why, this is gonna be epic!"
—Romeo revealing that his challenges are just for fun. src
"Wouldn't want you cheating, of course. I don't like rule-breakers."
—Romeo to Jesse's gang. src
Jesse: "And who exactly made you the judge?"
Romeo: "Um, my near infinite power? I thought that was obvious."
—Romeo arguing why he got to judge everyone and revealing that his power is only "near-infinite." (Determinant) src
"Okay, no, no, no, no, no, no. This is all wrong people, wrong. You're not suppose to help each other; the losers are supposed to lose!"
—Romeo to Jesse's gang. src
Jesse: "I don't get you, Admin! If you didn't want people to succeed, then why build this place at all?"
Romeo: "You don't get it! I'm trying to separate the diamonds from the gravel here. Rubbish. Gets. Dumped."
—Romeo telling Jesse why he built the Icy Palace of Despair and harassing him. (Determinant) src
"Oh, Jesse. Jesse, Jesse, Jesse. I just don't understand you... letting your friends go? Radar? Huh, he clearly wasn't supposed to make it, despite you dragging him along. Losers are supposed to lose, Jesse."
—Romeo through the fake Vos. (Determinant) src
"But it hasn't all been to waste, no, no, YOU might not be worthy... Technically Petra/Jack here was the winner... Oh, don't get me wrong, there are quite a few flaws we'll have to work through, but we'll get there. In time."
—Romeo before giving Petra/Jack the Prismarine Gauntlet. src
"What?... What?!"
—Romeo being insulted by Jesse. (Determinant) src
"Oh... cute."
—Romeo to Jesse, when Jesse draws out his sword. (Determinant) src
"Oh, oh, you are a smart cookie, Jesse. Of course I am! (Jack: Vos... the whole time?) No, not the whole time, you nitwit, the real Vos would never have survived in my sea temple that long. I am disappointed, Jesse. You obviously just don't have what it takes to really be my friend. My partner. Such a pity. Such a waste."
—Romeo to Jesse after transforming from his disguisesrc
"Your attitude, on the other hand? Oh, well... there's nothing that hurts more than broken hopes. I made this for you, just for you, and how do you repay me? You cheated! How could you do this to me?"
—Romeo to Jesse. src
"I hope you're learning how to be a cooperative champion... You are all here, to be reminded of your potential. And I hope you will see it in yourself, as I do. Because if you don't... well... we'll cross that bridge if we come to it, 'ey? In the meantime, demonstrate your cooperative potential, and you just may become the ultimate champion!"
—Romeo's voice recording in the Mush Room. src
"Hello, guests and associates! Admin here with a reminder: helping others will only drag you down. Losers are supposed to lose. Say it with me now: Losers are supposed to lose. Right. Let that be your watchword. Good day!"
—Another one of Romeo's recordings in the Mush Room. src
"Oh, of course. Of course it's Jesse. Why am I not surprised? It's not enough that you disregarded all the rules in my icy palace of doom, tried to upset the delicate order of the Sunshine Institute... Now you're trying to disrupt the therapeutic benefits of my zombie mine? What gives? Pretty sure your fellow inmates were just trying to peacefully live out the rest of their captivities."
—Romeo after finding Jesse causing trouble in the Sunshine Institute . (Determinant) src
"Oh, of course. Of course it's Jesse. Why am I not surprised? The Warden told me you were zooming up the associate ladder, now you're trying to disrupt the therapeutic benefits of my zombie mine? What gives? I don't know if you're dense or what, but working somewhere usually means you don't do things to actively destroy where you work. Not good for business."
—Romeo to Jesse at the Zombie mines. (Determinant) src
"Your star guard Jesse is nothing but a saboteur!"
—Romeo to The Warden. (Determinant) src
"Oh, for the love of-- ENOUGH. I'm through letting you disappoint me."
—Romeo to The Wardensrc
"Augh... All I asked you to do is fight your friend to the death and you can't. Even. Do. THAT?"
—Romeo to Petra/Jack after they attempt to defeat him. src
"I don't even want you to be my friend anymore, and I don't want you to be my friend either... Guess I'll just be my own friend now."
—Romeo realizing how it is to find a friend. src
"After all... everyone loves Jesse, right?... You coming?... Stella is just the beginning. Your other friends will fall in line, too. Lukas, Axel, Olivia... all of them. Don't worry, I'll take good care of Beacontown."
—Romeo after transforming to disguise as Jesse. src
"My was just frosting on a cake. An empty, worthless cake.."
—From the admin to Jesse at the Season 2 episode 5 finale src
"Run, run, run, Jesse, as fast as you can. Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha!"
—Romeo (disguised as Jesse) at the epilogue of Episode 3. src
"Now, prepare yourselves for STAGE SIX HUNDRED!"
—Romeo's recording in the Challenge Room. src
"Oh yeah. I'm bloody exhausted. The constant whining? Everyone asking for things all the time? It's insufferable... 'I need ironblocks.' 'I'm out of bricks.' 'I don't want to be surrounded by lava.'"
—Romeo to Jesse about pretending to be him. src
"I told you-- your world’s done! No takebacks!"
—Romeo to Jesse in the Terminal Space. src
"Whole new set of people, a whole new world... I’ll be a great leader, a great friend, next time around. I should thank you for all these wonderful little lessons you've helped me learn. Oh! Maybe-- maybe I'll have more fjords in the next one. Love a good fjord. I wonder if there's a way to make the next set of people any friendlier..."
—Romeo to Jesse. src
"I don't know what you're playing at, but that ends NOW!... I said it ends NOW! I... What? I'm? Oh... You think you're very clever don't you? Well, why don't we finish this with a little change of scenery?"
—Romeo to Jesse realising that his power weakens. src
"Oi, Stone Face! Over here! I'm the one you want-- come and get it!"
—Romeo to the glitched Prismarine Colossus, sacrificing himself to save Jesse's Gang. (Determinant) src
"No... I this is impossible! No one gets to make me small! I can't... Why do I feel so... (Jesse: powerless?)'"
—Romeo in his Vos form losing his ability to become large. src
"Everyone likes you... and you're nothing!"
—Romeo about Jesse. src
"Why'd you have to go and make everything so... difficult?"
—Romeo to Jesse after being defeated. src
"Ugh, talking it out? What's the point in that? That's what losers do. Real people, awesome people, settle their differences with... with... Combat! Dueling! Build-offs! Not, ugh, 'discourse' and 'debate.'"
—Romeo about how "real people" deal with conflicts. src
"I... Thank you, sincerely. I hardly believe I deserve to be here at all anymore. I know what I need to do to make up my crimes, though. I'm going to return to the underneath, fix all the lives I ruined. And I'm going to find Xara, see if I can't make things right between us. Now it doesn't make up for what I did to Fred, but if I can heal things with Xara, it's something at least."
—Romeo to Jesse's gang, telling them his plan. (Determinant) src
"She's right. Just leave me. My powers are the cause of all this in the first place. I deserve to stay here and pay for the mess I made. I can’t believe that--that this is what it took for me to realize. I've been... just so stupid. So blind."
—Romeo to Jesse's gang in the Terminal Space. src


  • It was confirmed that Jean-Benoît "J.B." Blanc voices Romeo.[1]
    • He also voices Romeo's other forms, except Admin Jesse. His Jesse form is confirmed to be first voiced by Blanc and then Patton Oswalt and Catherine Taber, the voice actors of Jesse.[2]
  • It was confirmed that Romeo can control multiple entities at once.
  • Romeo was the last Admin, and his powers were taken in "Above and Beyond".
  • Romeo has had the most voice actors/actresses voice him in the entire series.
  • Romeo is the only Admin that appears in both his admin form and human form in person. Unlike Fred and Xara.


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