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Temple of the Old Builders

Type Temple
Level Ground
Location Jungle
Inhabitants Hostile Mobs
"So old! So exquisite!"
Ivor giving his opinion about the Temple 

The Temple of the Old Builders is a location in the Overworld that first appears in "Order Up!".



The Temple of the Old Builders is located deep inside the Jungle, and is hidden by the huge trees and vines present there. It is believed to have been built by the Old Builders.


The Temple of the Old Builders appears to be a huge building in ruins. It was made almost entirely out of stone, with a few torch-posts on the outside. Inside, there are lava ducts that open a hole in the floor, and hidden underneath were four Chests full of treasure, including an Enchanted Flint and Steel. The Sky City Portal is located in a secret room above the main Temple.




  • Ivor was very excited to see the Temple, and greatly appreciated its architecture.
  • It is unknown why the Temple was built and what its purpose is. Furthermore, when it was built.
  • It is known that another similar Temple exists in the same dimension as The Mansion as CaptainSparklez stated.
  • When Jesse's Gang enters the temple at night in "Order Up!", there is a small hole in the roof that no one notices. This leads Jesse to say that the hole is not there when they come back in the day.


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