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The Temple of the Order of the Stone

Name The Temple of the Order of the Stone
Type Temple
Level Ground
Location Forest
Inhabitants The Order of the Stone,
Jesse's Gang

The Temple of the Order of the Stone is a huge building that was constructed by The Order of the Stone as their base.



The Temple of the Order is located near the Nether Portal that leads out of the Nether. It is shrouded in the trees of this dense forest to keep it hidden.


The Temple's exterior appears to be constructed mainly out of Stone Bricks and Nether Quartz Blocks, and has an enlarged build of the Amulet outside it. There are several traps on the lower floor of the Temple, followed by a Library. A staircase leads upstairs to the Tracking Device, which is used to track the members of the Order.



  • The Temple could may have been destroyed, since it was not shown after Assembly Required. However, there is a possibility it is still standing.
    • This may because the Wither Storm follows the Amulet, which Jesse possesses, and Jesse never visited the Temple after Magnus and Ellegaard have both been found.
  • The Temple is already a bit damaged when Jesse's Gang arrives.


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