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Telltale Games, Inc. is an American independent digital publisher founded in June 2004 as Telltale, Incorporated. Located in San Rafael, California, the studio includes designers formerly employed at LucasArts. It's business model revolves around episodic gaming and digital distribution, and it is best known for its various graphic adventure game series based on popular licensed properties.


Telltale Games was founded in San Rafael, California with the assistance of technology attorney Ira P. Rothken who provided initial seed capital, procured angel investments, and negotiated deals involving Bone, Sam & Max, GameTap, Ubisoft, and others which led to initial revenue, marketing, and development of the core episodic game technology.


Notable titles & series by Telltale include:

Episodic Releases

Many of the games that have been developed by Telltale are released episodically. Several episodes, released together in a season, are released periodically through a certain timeframe, often concluding around half a year or so after the initial release.

Sometimes, new seasons of a game also come out, such as The Walking Dead.


Telltale, starting with the Walking Dead, has adopted a choice based style rather than a complete point and click adventure game. All of their titles following the Walking Dead Season One have used this system, including Minecraft: Story Mode.

Telltale Tool

All of their games (including Minecraft: Story Mode) are made using the in-house Telltale Tool engine, which uses the Lua scripting language and is multiplatform compatible.

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