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TNT Cannon

The Old Farmer Man's TNT Cannon
Name TNT Cannon
Owner (s) Old Farmer Man,
Magnus the Rogue (determinant),
Jesse (determinant)
Type Machine

"If it's a cannon you want, it's a cannon you'll get!"

The TNT Cannon is a machine that appears in Minecraft: Story Mode. It is first seen in "Assembly Required". 



The TNT Cannon is made up of TNT (hence the name), along with special contraptions that make the TNT fly. It's mostly made of Redstone, since it's the only way it can work.


The cannon is sometimes used to launch people into the sky. It's also used to launch TNT in the sky for blowing up certain things.




  • In Minecraft, TNT Cannons are usually surrounded with Water so that the explosion doesn't harm the Player and destroy Blocks.
    • However, this mechanism is not seen in Minecraft: Story Mode.

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