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Minecraft Information

This page contains information on a feature which is in Minecraft. Please visit the Minecraft Wiki for more information on the topic.


A TNT in Minecraft
Name TNT
Owner (s) Griefers,
TNT Dustin,
Type Explosive, Block, Redstone-related
Minecraft 1.0.0

"When is TNT not useful?!"
—Jesse when discussing the way to reach PAMA. (Determinant) src

TNT is an explosive used in Minecraft: Story Mode.



  • In Episode 2, Nohr and Jesse activate a TNT by mistake when they trip over it.
    • Later, Jesse can also throw a TNT at some Griefers, (determinant). However, if Jesse holds it for too long, he/she will blow himself/herself up.
  • If Jesse decides to not give Axel the Amulet, (determinant), then Jesse will have to deactivate the TNT traps in front of Magnus' Tower instead.
  • In Episode 4, if Jesse chooses to build a Flying Machine, the TNT atop the machine will be seen rotated 90 degrees, which doesn't happen in regular Minecraft.
  • In Episode 6, LDShadowLady's painting shows her standing on a block of TNT.
  • The TNT in Minecraft: Story Mode seems to have a similar lighting system to the old Minecraft TNT.
  • In Minecraft, TNT can neither be thrown nor be activated without any method of ignition (flint and steel, fire charge, flaming arrow, redstone current etc.)


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