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A Sword is a powerful weapon in Minecraft: Story Mode. It is used to kill players and mobs.

Wooden Sword

Jesse using a Wooden Sword
Name Wooden Sword
Aliases: Stupid Wooden Swords (By Jesse)
Owner (s) Jesse (formerly),
Type Weapon
Minecraft Indev 0.31
"Stupid wooden swords!"
—Jesse when his/her wooden sword broke. src


Stone Sword

Jesse holding a Stone Sword
Name Stone Sword
Aliases: Stupid cheap sword (by Jesse)
Owner (s) Jesse,
Otis (determinant),
Emily (formerly)
Type Weapon
Minecraft Indev 0.31
"You're giving me a sword?"
—Jesse when Petra tells him/her to make a sword. src


Iron Sword

Isa holding two Iron Swords
Name Iron Sword
Owner (s) Petra,
Type Weapon
Minecraft Indev 0.31
"The only way off this bridge is through them."
—Jesse before Petra uses her Iron Sword to fight off Zombies. src


Golden Sword

Petra holding a Golden Sword
Name Golden Sword
Aliases: "Miss Butter" by Petra
Owner (s) Ivor (formerly),
Jesse (determinant),
Soren (formerly)
Type Weapon
Minecraft Indev 0.31
"Too heavy, and too soft."
—Petra about the Golden Sword she finds in Ivor's lair. 


  • In " The Order of the Stone", in Ivor's secret lair, Petra finds a golden sword in a chest. If Jesse still has the stone sword, she will steal in for herself, otherwise she will give it to Jesse.
    • In Gabriel's Temple, if Petra has the Golden Sword, Petra uses a Golden Sword to fight off the tentacles of the Wither Storm.
    • If Jesse has the Golden Sword, he/she will use it to fight the Wither Storm.
    • If Jesse has the golden sword, outside the Nether Portal, he/she will use the sword to fight a zombie.
    • In The Temple of the Order of the Stone, when the gang needs to craft something, Jesse shows his/her Sword and mentions that he/she has a sword. If he/she has the golden sword, it will be a golden sword.
  • In "Assembly Required", if Jesse owns the Golden Sword, he/she will use it when fighting Ghasts in the Nether.
  • In "The Last Place You Look", Soren uses a Golden Sword after coming out of the End to kill a Zombie.
  • In "Order Up!", Petra uses an enchanted version of her golden sword in some battle scenes.
  • In "Hero in Residence", It is revealed that Petra nicknamed her sword "Miss Butter".

Diamond Sword

Gabriel holding a Diamond Sword
Name Diamond Sword
Aliases: Enchanted Diamond Sword
Owner (s) Gabriel,
The Blaze Rods,
Axel (temporarily),
Type Weapon
Minecraft Indev 0.31
"Gabriel the Warrior, before whose sword all combatants would tremble!"
—The narrator about Gabriel and his sword. 


  • In " The Order of the Stone", in the opening cutscene, Gabriel the Warrior is shown using a diamond sword.
    • At EnderCon, when Ivor releases the Wither Storm, Gabriel tries to attack it using a Diamond Sword.
    • Inside Gabriel's Temple, the same person attacks the tentacles of the Wither Storm using a diamond sword.
  • In "A Block and a Hard Place", Jesse can choose to craft a diamond sword to destroy the Wither Storm's command block.
  • In "Order Up!", The Blaze Rods acquire Enchanted diamond swords.
    • In most battles, Jesse uses an enchanted diamond sword. When used from the intro, the sword seems to have the sweep ability from The Combat Update.
    • Ivor has a Diamond Sword after fighting Aiden.
  • In A Portal to Mystery, in Cassie Rose's portrait, she can be seen holding a diamond sword.
  • In "A Journey's End?", Slab uses a diamond sword in the game matches.
    • After the competitors begin their rebel to the Old Builders, Hadrian uses several diamond swords to fight against Jesse. Afterwards, Jesse obtains a diamond sword from his/her friends to challenge Hadrian and Mevia again.
  • In "Giant Consequences" While trying to escape The Admin's Mini games Jesse can build a Diamond Sword instead of a Diamond Pickaxes then a Skulker will hit him and effect him with levitation resulting in a death.

|-| Command Block Enchanted Diamond Sword =

Command Block Enchanted Diamond Sword

Minecraft storymode adventure pass
Jesse holding the Command Block Sword on the Adventure Pass's advertising art
Name Command Block Enchanted Diamond Sword
Aliases: Enchanted Diamond Sword,
Ultimate Sword
Owner (s) Jesse
Type Weapon
"Behold; my enchanted diamond sword!"
—Jesse about his sword. src


  • In "A Block and a Hard Place", Jesse has an option to create one, which later Jesse uses to destroy the command block. It has a black outline and a golden handle.
  • In the Adventure Pass's advertising art, Jesse is holding the Enchanted Diamond Command Block Sword.

  • When asked to craft a stone sword in The Order of the Stone, Jesse can chose to create a lever and earn an achievement.
  • If Jesse chooses to trade the stone sword to Otis the butcher, Petra will give them the golden sword found in Ivor's basement.
  • If Jesse ends up with the golden sword, there is a bug in the game that will make it look as if they are using a stone sword. This happens multiple times throughout the game.
  • Jesse has not owned an Iron Sword throughout Season 1.
  • Every stone sword Jesse has kept for the longest amount of time breaks instead of being discarded.
  • So far, the sword is the only item where every variant makes an appearance in Minecraft: Story Mode.
  • For an unknown reason, many people choose to use a golden sword, such as DanTDM and Petra, while in Minecraft they are one of the most useless items.
  • Oddly enough, the stone sword and golden sword always break at the same time when Jesse is on top of the maze in the Far Lands.
    • The stone sword has been used as much as the golden sword, unless you chose to fight on top of the bridge.
    • Gold tools break before stone ones in Minecraft.
  • In "A Block and a Hard Place", Jesse also has the option to make other Command Block Tools.
  • The Command Block Sword doesn't come back in either episodes 6, 7, nor 8; this was just for advertising.

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