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Super TNT

The Super TNT
Name Super TNT
Owner (s) Soren the Architect
Jesse (Temporarily)
Type Block, Explosive
Minecraft N/A

Super TNT is an advanced version of TNT exclusive to Minecraft: Story Mode. It can be used to craft the Formidi-Bomb.



  • Super TNT appears to be filled with lava, thus giving it more explosive power.
  • It was believed that Super TNT was an alias for Formidi-bomb, until Soren revealed that they are two different things.
  • Soren mentioned that the Super TNT was one of his uncraftable, "Impossible items."
  • According to Soren, Super TNT is very unstable near gunpowder.
  • It's possible the Super TNT was crafted almost the same way the Formidi-Bomb was crafted. The Formidi-Bomb was crafted using Super TNT with Gunpowder around, while possibly the Super TNT is crafted with Regular TNT with Gunpowder around it.

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