"I got your back, Jesse. Trust me. And take care of Lluna for me."
—Stella to Jesse. (Determinant) src

Stella is a main character, leader of Champion City and Jesse's "rival" (determinant). She first appeared in "Hero in Residence" and is voiced by Ashley Albert.



Stella has platinum blonde hair (possibly bleached), biracial skin, black eyebrows, olive eyes, black shoes, a microphone, and different outfits as mentioned after. In "Hero in Residence", she also wore a long purple dress. In "Giant Consequences", she wore her business armor, the design being purple and gray stripes. In "Jailhouse Block", she wears a black associate outfit with purple patches on her shoulders.


Stella is a rude person who pretends to be nice, and is unfair to the people who work for her. As mentioned by Petra, she's "manipulative" and "pretty fond of herself." However, Jesse and Petra finds out that she wants to be just like them. Her actions in "Giant Consequences" reveal that she is highly ambitious, believing that the world runs on power. She is also an ungrateful person, choosing to side with Romeo, even though Jesse saved her, if the player chooses to do so, she has been shown to not care for animals, as shown when she ordered a bodyguard to throw a puppy in "Hero in Residence" and hit Lluna in "Giant Consequences". However, Stella can be kind at times and promised to backup Jesse from Romeo if Jesse was treats her well and allows her to join his/her team.


"Oh, look who it is: Jesse! Leader of Beacontown, and my sworn rival."
—Stella seeing Jesse. src
"No shoving now, we're not Beacontowners."
—Stella insulting Beacontown. src
"That's right! It's Petra, armed with her mighty sword Miss Butter! Ha! And by her side is her best friend, the greatest hero in the world, Jesse! Together, they can take on--uhh… Hi! Hello."
—Stella pretending to be Petra before noticing Petra and Jesse. (Determinant) src
"Jesse! My rival. Should've known I'd find you here."
—Stella seeing Jesse's gang with Lluna. src
"Power is how the world is run, little man."
—Stella to Radarsrc
"Lesser minds often do mistake true genius for madness."
—Stella to Jack. (Determinant) src
"You heard the Admin. He only wants the best of the best, and that's going to be me."
—Stella challenging Jesse's gang. src
"I could've found that clock, obviously, but there was some signage that was very confusing, and well... I, you know, wound up here. Kept hoping the Admin would drop by so I could explain the confusion. But when we do talk, you better believe that he's going to realize I am the perfect friend and partner for him."
—Stella being trapped in ice. src
"Good news, Jesse. You're not my rival anymore. Since you're gonna rot down here forever, you're... nothing, now."
—Stella to Jesse. (Determinant) src
"You brought this on yourself, Jesse. I don't get it. You could've just joined the Admin and never had to suffer a second. Instead you chose to throw it all in the lava pit. I think all those people cheering for you 24/7 have made you delusional. Made you think that you can just... change the world, heh. It's sad is what it is."
—Stella to Jesse about his/her decision to defy Romeo. src
"I do not know what kind of mind games you are trying to bring into our rivalry, but I'll tell you now they are not going to work on me."
—Stella if Jesse corrects her. (Determinant) src
"Oh, Jesse. That sort of reverse psychology isn't going to work on me. Especially not from my own rival."
—Stella to Jesse in the Icy Palace of Despair. (Determinant) src
"Nice try, Jesse. Your twisty little mind game twistery isn't gonna work. You're nuts if you think I'm helping you."
—Stella to Jesse in the Zombie Mines. (Determinant) src
"Careful, Warden. This one's crafty with the mind games."
—Stella to The Warden. (Determinant) src


  • Miss Butter (Formerly)
  • Cobblestone
  • Stick


  • Stella wears a different outfit every episode she appears in so far.
  • Both Stella and Lluna's names are a confirmed reference to the book "Stellaluna"; this was confirmed by Eric Stirpe. [1]
    • Both names are also associated with the night; Stellar (Stella) being the stars and Lunar (Lluna) being the moon.
  • It is most likely that Stella bleached her hair blonde, evident by her black eyebrows.
    • That would make her the second character in the game to change the color of their hair, the first being TheDiamondMinecart.
      • Different skins of Jesse also have slightly different hair colors.
  • Stella is horribly insecure, as stated by Eric Stirpe. [citation needed]




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