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Stampy Cat
Stampy in the library
Name Stampy Cat
Gender Male
Species Human
Latest Known Status Alive
Affiliation YouTubers
Allies Jesse,
Ivor, CaptainSparklez,
Stacy Plays, LDShadowLady
Enemies The White Pumpkin,
Lukas (formerly)
First Appearance "A Portal to Mystery"
Latest Appearance "A Portal to Mystery",
"A Journey's End?" (mentioned, determinant)

Stampy Cat is a character in Minecraft: Story Mode and a protagonist of "A Portal to Mystery ". He is voiced by Joseph Garrett, also known as "Stampylonghead" in the YouTube Community.



Stampy appears to have brown hair, and wears a yellow/orange hoodie jacket with a cat symbolising his Minecraft skin on top of it.


Stampy Cat is portrayed to be a nervous and loud individual. He seems to be friendly and willing to help others, but he sometimes lies when under pressure. He was also portrayed to be a prankster and an expert Redstonists, having won the "Tri-Block Championship" 3 times in a row. He is very upset that the small prank he pulled on DanTDM had led to death and murder, but he shows himself to be very forgiving as even if Jesse apologizes for failing to save them, Stampy does not attempt to put blame on him/her.



"No sign of Cassie, but- aah!"
—Stampy Cat to Jesse upon gathering everyone. src
"Ooh, I hope there's cake! "
—Stampy Cat to the YouTubers upon entering the gallery. src
"No! That's crazy talk! Absolute crazy talk!"
—Stampy Cat, being accused as The White Pumpkin. (Determinant) src
—Stampy Cat upon the Dining Hall lights blacking out. src
"More panicking!"
—Stampy Cat. src
"Nnnn, I stole it from Dan and it was just supposed to be a joke, a harmless prank, but then, well, you've seen what happened!"
—Stampy confessing that he stole the Flint & Steel from Dan. src
"Okay. Okay, okay, okay. Fine. You caught me. I know redstone. I'm technically even an 'expert,' but I would never kill anyone with it!"
—Stampy being caught in a lie. (determinant) src
"I vote we build an obsidian prison and surround it with lava!"
—Stampy Cat to everyone about what to do with Cassie. src
—Stampy Cat to Jesse's Gang. src
"None taken, I'm not really a cat."
—Stampy whispering to Petra. src


  • Stampy Cat is a famous member of the YouTube Minecraft community, with over 8 million subscribers.
  • Unlike Stampy's Minecraft skin, he appears to be a human wearing a cat hoodie, rather than an anthropomorphic talking cat.
    • This is explained in Stampy Cat's vlog that it wouldn't make sense to have a talking cat, so Stampy and the staff concluded in the design of real-life Stampy in a cat hoodie.
  • It was later revealed that he was the one who had the green Enchanted Flint and Steel, which he had stolen from DanTDM as a prank.
  • Stampy and Stacy Plays are both sitting on a chair in their portraits.
    • Coincidentally, they are also the only surviving YouTubers whose lives are not determined by the player's choices.
    • Their names also both start with "S" and are two words.
  • "StampyCat" and "Stampy Cat" are interchangeable.


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