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"Harper dumped us into some crazy game!"
Jesse talking about the Spleef arena src


The Competitors and Jesse's Gang playing spleef
Name Spleef
Founder(s): The Old Builders (Hadrian, Mevia, and Otto)
Aliases Sploof (by Petra, determinant)
Extreme Spleef (by a Yellow Team member, determinant)
Spleef Tournament (by Ivor)
Crazy Game (By Jesse)
Type Mini Game
Location Near the Competitors' Village

Spleef is one of The Games run by the Old Builders. The objective of the game is to knock people off a snow platform, where they get crushed and eliminated. Also, Gladiators throw TNT from platforms above the main one from time to time to speed up the elimination process.



Spleef is located in the main arena for The Games which is located in a snowy biome, in the world of the Old Builders. The arena itself is also located relatively close to the Competitor's Village and Hadrian's Palace.


  • The first major rule of Spleef is that a competitor may not directly attack or hit another competitor, i.e, with a Sword.
  • Any competitor who falls into the area beneath the snow, either by accident or as a result of another competitor/gladiator, will be killed and subsequently eliminated.
  • The competitors may only bring a Shovel to Spleef. This is evidenced by the competitors only dropping a shovel when they die.
  • A competitor may not attempt to attack, harm or kill a Gladiator during Spleef.
  • Competitors may only break the snow blocks using an Iron Shovel or lower, (stone or wooden). It can be assumed that Gold, Diamond and Enchanted Shovels are not allowed to be used.



  • Regardless of what the player chooses to do in this game, the Red Team gets eliminated in Spleef.
  • Spleef is a minigame that also exists in Minecraft.
  • It is possible that The Games were originally built in a snowy biome due to it's abundance of snow, which is an essential block used in Spleef.
  • In the scene that Jesse have to save Petra or Ivor when your friends die they drop items that they collected in the previous episodes of the game. Lukas owns a cookie from episode one and his book from the previous episode. Ivor has the diamond that he tricked Jesse and Petra with, a potion bottle representing the last potion that Jesse didn't use, and a mind chip from Crown Mesa. Finally, Petra has a lapis that she gets from Ivor in episode one, and sticks from the White Pumpkin's mansion.
  • Petra said Spleef and the other games would be fun if Hadrian and Mevia didn't force people to be there.


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