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Soren the Architect
Mcsm ep4 Soren Ivor's lab
Soren talking to Jesse in Ivor's cottage.
Name Soren the Architect
Gender Male
Species Human
Latest Known Status Unknown
Affiliation Leader of The Order of the Stone

The Old Builders (Possibly)

Allies Gabriel the Warrior
Ellegaard the Redstone Engineer
Magnus the Rogue
Ivor (Formerly and currently)
Jesse's Gang
Hadrian (Possibly)
Mevia (Possibly)
Otto (Possibly)
Harper (Possibly)
Isa (Possibly)
Cassie Rose (Possibly)
Some Endermen (Formerly)
Enemies Ivor (Formerly)
The Wither Storm
First Appearance "The Order of the Stone" (Flashback)
"The Last Place You Look" (In person)
Latest Appearance "A Block and a Hard Place (In person)

"A Journey's End?" (Mentioned)

"Soren's been missing for years."
Gabriel to Jesse about Soren. src

Soren the Architect is the leader of the Order of the Stone, and a central character in Minecraft: Story Mode. He was a member of the Old Builders, (possibly). He is described as a great architect, hence his name. He is voiced by John Hodgman. He first appeared in "The Order of the Stone" as a flashback and in "The Last Place You Look" as a character.



He has ginger hair with a moustache and beard as well as pale skin. His armor has a tan tinge to it and back in some areas. He has fingerless, grey gloves and brown pants. Prior to episode 3, he wore a grey hardhat and tan goggles.


Soren appeared to be an eccentric, and a complete genius in his first few appearances. He was not above putting himself in danger to conduct his research, and spoke of a desire to be anything other than Soren the Architect. He is the discoverer of the Command Block, and he grew to be dependent on it after realizing what it could do, becoming a coward in the process.

Killed Victims

The list below shows the victims Soren has killed:



"I wasn't expecting so many houseguests! There's no way I have enough seashell soaps for all of them."
—Soren. src
"Ask me no questions and I'll tell you no lies."
—Soren to Jesse. src
"Sometimes, I'd prefer to be anything but Soren...ooh, like a donkey, for example."
—Soren. src
"You look terrible!"
—Soren to Petra/Gabriel. src
"You seem like a person who appreciates cool stuff that's cool for no reason."
—Soren to Jesse. src
"Oh, why are asking me?! Am I expected to know every last thing in the universe?! Ugh......I need a moment to think."
—Soren to. Jesse 
"Hush, Ivor, for once!"
—Soren to Ivor. src
"Stuff and nonsense, stuff and nonsense."
—Soren to Magnus/Ellegaard. src
"Graah! Being emotional is getting us nowhere!"
—Soren. src
"And to make matters worse, we've gone from one Wither Storm to three! Our plan was a total failure!"
—Soren. src
"Tinkering with the Far Lands is nothing to laugh about!"
—Soren to Petra. src
"It's as though Ivor learned nothing from my lectures on organizational methodology!"
—Soren to Jesse in Ivor's Lab. src
"You know, I've really enjoyed meeting you and all, but..."
—Soren's final words to Jesse's gang before running away. src
"We used that damned Command Block!"
—Soren's confession. src
"Welcome to the Far Lands, my friends"
—Soren to Jesse's gang, when they arrive at the farlands 


  • In other worlds, there are books written by Soren.
    • In Isa's Throne Room, there is a book called Habits of the Endermen, by Soren.
    • In the White Pumpkin's lair, there is a book called Walking Among the Endermen, also by Soren.
    • In Harper's Secret Laboratory, there is a book called The Redstone Heart by Soren.
    • In Hadrian's Palace, there's a book called A Man Forever Voyaging by Soren.
  • In "The Last Place You Look", Soren does not have his hat like in "The Order of the Stone". This is similar to Magnus the Rogue and Ellegaard the Redstone Engineer.
  • Soren has a aviophobia, (fear of flying), similarly to Sandy.
  • In the Minecraft: Story Mode skin pack on Console and Pocket Editions of Minecraft, there is a skin that shows what Soren looks like without his armor.
  • Have a skin of Soren without his armor in the Story Mode files.
  • There's a theory about Soren being an Old Builder. This is supported by he wrote books, and they appeared in Episodes 5-8.
    • Soren might've known Isa, Cassie Rose, Harper, Mevia, and Hadrian. Because they all have books writen by him. Isa has, "Habits of the Endermen, by Soren." Cassie's got, "Walking Among the Endermen, by Soren". Harper's got, "The Redstone Heart, by Soren". And Hadrian's got, "A Man Forever Voyaging, by Soren".
  • It is unknown what happened to Soren after Episode 4.


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