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Soren's Laboratory

Soren, Jesse, and Reuben inside Soren's Laboratory.
Name Soren's Laboratory
Founder(s): Soren
Type Laboratory
Level Elevated
Location In The End.
Inhabitants Soren the Architect (Formerly)
Endermen (Resultant and formerly)

Soren's Laboratory is a location in Minecraft: Story Mode that appears in The Last Place You Look. It is owned by Soren the Architect.



Soren's Laboratory is a small lab located within his house, situated above the surface of The End. The lab was originally built by Soren The Architect so that he could conduct his research on Endermen. The house and lab are both located next to Wool World and can be accessed through a secret entrance in the wall.


The interior walls of the lab are mainly made out of Quartz Blocks and Cracked Stone Bricks. The Floor consists of Stone Bricks with red and grey Carpet placed over the top. The front of the lab features a large window made out of Purple Stained Glass which is set into a wall made out of Iron Blocks. There is also a second story constructed out of Wood Planks which holds a number of Bookcases. Redstone Lamps are used for lighting. There are a few water fountains as well.





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