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Soren's Fortress

A view of the fortress
Name Soren's Fortress
Founder(s): Soren the Architect
Type Secret Fortress
Level Ground,
Location Overworld
Inhabitants Soren the Architect,
Hostile Mobs,
Iron Golems
"Soren had his fortress deep inside the mountains."
Ellegaard to the gang src

Soren's Fortress is a large fortress built by Soren the Architect. It is located deep inside the mountains. It first appeared in ​"Assembly Required".




  • It was partially destroyed by the Wither Storm in "A Block and a Hard Place" due to it being in the area where the Wither Storm was.
  • Both the End Portal and Soren's Mob Grinder are located inside Soren's Fortress.
  • Soren watched Endermen there.
  • Petra visits the fortress regardless of whether she is saved or not in Episode 1.
    • If she isn't saved, in Episode 4, she follows Jesse and the crew to the fortress after the trip to the Far Lands; if she is saved, in Episode 2, she enters the fortress with the gang to find Soren.


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