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Minecraft Story Mode OST Song Full "Soren's Farewell" by Telltale Games01:14

Minecraft Story Mode OST Song Full "Soren's Farewell" by Telltale Games

Soren's Farewell Song is a song that was sung in "The Last Place You Look" by Soren the Architect as a way of saying goodbye to his Endermen in the End when leaving with Jesse.

Only a small portion of the song was sung in-game before Soren was interrupted by Lukas.


Soren: Gary may seem scary but he's a swell guy

Soren: Sally, dillie-dallies, give her credit she tries

Soren: They might look the same to the untrained eye...

Soren: But that's a lie, so I say...

Soren (talking): Uh... I can't say it!

Soren: I haven't had luck with humans.

Soren: They can be so unkind,

Soren: But lend a hand, to an enderman

Soren: Soon you'll find that you have a friender-man!

Soren: As long as you never look them in the eye

Soren: You'll never have to say...

Soren (talking): Oh, this is proving difficult...

Soren: What is the End, if not a new beginning?

Soren: Sunset recedes, sunrise

Soren: And so I say with tears in my eyes...

Soren: Farewell!

Soren (talking): What is it? The singing or the dancing? It's both, isn't it...?


  • The song plays in the second half of the credits of Episode Three.
  • It's possible that "Gary" and "Sally" are Endermen that Soren named.
  • Jesse can end the song sooner than normal if he/she tells Soren to stop.

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