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Slab the Immovable
Mcsm slab-the-gladiator
Slab reading Lukas' Journal
Name Slab the Immovable
Gender Male
Species Human
Latest Known Status Alive
Affiliation Gladiators,
The Games
Allies Facemeat,
Jesse's Gang,
Hadrian (formerly),
Mevia (formerly),
Enemies Jesse's Gang (formerly),
Competitors (formerly)
First Appearance "A Journey's End?"
Latest Appearance "A Journey's End?"

"You know, I've sent hundreds of competitors to these respawn pits... Never knew it hurt so much."
—Slab to Jesse after they both respawn. (Determinant) src

Slab the Immovable is a character in Minecraft: Story Mode that appears in "A Journey's End?". He is voiced by Christopher Duncan.



Slab has a muscular, 2.5 block build. He wears black and white armor with spikes with a Viking Helmet. He also wears black war-gloves.


Slab, being the head of the Gladiators, likes being in-charge and does not like being pushed around, or being told what to do. However, he is also shown to be grateful and appreciated Jesse if he/she shows him appropriate respect.

​​Death (Respawn and determinant)

Killed by:

When fighting against Hadrian and Mevia, Slab will push Jesse out of the way of the TNT and then sacrifice himself on top of the TNT if Jesse listens to Slab on the way to Hadrian's Palace and doesn't insult the Gladiators during "The Walls." He then later respawns.


"Let's take 'em to the Slab lab!"
—Slab to Jesse's Gang. (Determinant) src
"There are some fascinating and thrilling tales in here."
—Slab talking about Lukas' Journal to Jesse. (Determinant) src
"It was an honor to fight beside you, Jes--"
—Slab to Jesse. (Determinant) src
"Let me finish! You made me late when I was just trying to do my job."
—Slab to Jesse. (Determinant.) src
"We`re going to be late, and I'm going to be in trouble!"
—Slab mad at Jesse for making him late for his job. src
"Jesse, come on!"
—Slab to Jesse when he/she makes him late for his job. src
"Big lug? That is just straight up insulting. I am big and beautiful. Go get some manners!"
—Slab to Jesse. (Determinant) src
"There was some good stuff in there. I was really moved."
—Slab giving Lukas back his journal. (Determinant) src
"We hit 'em, crush 'em, and send 'em to the mines."
—Slab talking about what happens to competitors in The Games, (determinant). src


  • Slab's Armor appears to be similar to the armor of Dragonborn from the trailer of Skyrim.
  • If Jesse chooses to follow Slab on the way to Hadrian's Palace and not to insult him in the field of "The Walls," he will help Jesse during his fight against Hadrian and Mevia by sacrificing himself on a block of TNT which would kill Jesse.
    • Later, during the conclusion of the Episode, he will also give Lukas' Journal back to him.
  • Slab's nickname, "The Immovable," may possibly be attributed to the fact that Pistons in Minecraft cannot move Slabs in certain directions.
  • Slab's appearance is very similar to Gabriel and TNT Dustin, however, he has a bigger build.
  • Slab the Immovable, alongside Axel, Reuben (Human), Facemeat, Clutch, Emily, Capital T, and the other Gladiators have 2.5 block builds in Minecraft: Story Mode.
  • "Immovable" was misspelled as "Immov'e'able" twice in the subtitles of Episode 8. Though, both "immovable" and "immoveable" are interchangeable in the English grammar.


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