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Sky City Townspeople

Mcsm ep5 sky-city-ruin townspeople milo
Name Townspeople
Allies Jesse's Gang,
Sky City Guards,
Iron Golem (determinant)
Enemies The Blaze Rods,
Hostile Mobs
First Appearance "Order Up!"
Last Appearance "Order Up!"

"I can't leave my subjects in whatever trouble they're in."
Isa to Jesse about her people in trouble. src

Sky City Townspeople are inhabitants of Sky City.



Some of the people have different varities of clothing in Sky City.


Some of them are nervous, some of them want to be free to build, and some just hide from Jesse's Gang.

Known Townspeople


  • All unnamed Sky City townspersons are shown as either "Townsperson" or "Townspeople" when the cursor is over them.
  • When Jesse's Gang enters Sky City, Phillipe along with some townspersons peek to and run away from Jesse.
  • If the hungry townsperson receives the cake from Jesse, he'll eat it all instantly and later jump off Sky City with another cake.


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