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Mcsm sebastian
Sebastian talking to Jesse
Name Sebastian
Gender Male
Species Human
Affiliation Quartz Miner
Competitors (formerly)
Allies Otto,
Enemies Hadrian,
Otto (formerly),
First Appearance "A Journey's End?"
Latest Appearance "A Journey's End?"

"Hi, Jesse. I'm Sebastian."
—Sebastian introducing himself to Jesse, (determinant). src

Sebastian is a minor character in Minecraft Story Mode who appeared in "A Journey's End?". He is a miner in the quartz mine in The Old Builders' world.



Sebastian wears a yellow hard hat, light brown hair, black eyes, and slightly pale skin. He wears a blue miner outfit with a white shirt underneath.


Sebastian is portrayed to be a quirky and appreciative person. He seems to be willing to risk everything to meet Jesse and seems to worship him/her.


"Jesse, I need to talk to you!"
—Sebastian to Jessesrc


  • Talking to Sebastian will give Jesse a piece of lapis lazuli. However, the piece of lapis lazuli isn't used at all in episode 8.
    • However, choosing to do this will render Lukas' Journal impossible to retrieve as taking the time to speak to Sebastian will make Slab late to get Jesse to Hadrian. Therefore, ignoring Sebastian is one of the requirements to retrieve the journal.
  • Sebastian was the name of a young Minecraft: Story Mode player who suffered from cancer. The character in the game served as a tribute to the Player, who passed away before the final episode was released.
  • It is unknown how Sebastian and the other miners obtained Lapis Lazuli in The Nether, as it does not generate naturally in The Nether, where the quartz mine is located.
    • In fact, it is generally impossible to craft lapis, (unless the block-mineral conversion, (1 block to 9 lapis) counts. But however, the lapis block would have to be crafted from the lapis itself.)


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