Sea Temple

Name Sea Temple
Aliases Ocean Monument (Villagers)
Type Building
Level Sea
Location Overworld
Inhabitants The Admin (Formerly), Guardians
"The 'rules' as you know them? How the world works? Those don't always apply in this Temple."
—Jack warning Jesse, Petra, and Nurm about the Sea Temple. src

The Sea Temple is location in Minecraft: Story Mode Season 2. It is a massive building under the ocean. It contains two Structure Blocks, the "Tower of the Warrior" and the "Wall of the Builder." In the Structure Block room, the myth of The Admin is written on the walls. The only currently known way of getting in is the Prismarine Gauntlet



The Sea Temple is a building in the ocean in the Overworld, though it's out of the map most people know.




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Places that are still standing appear in green. Places that are destoyed appear in red. Unknown locations appear in blue. Places that can be destroyed appear in pink. Places that are possibly destoyed appear in grey

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