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Schoolboy talking to Jesse (determinately)
Name Schoolboy
Gender Male
Species Human
Latest Known Status Unknown
Affiliation Redstonia
Enemies Disco Mickey,
The Wither Storm (determinant)
First Appearance "Assembly Required" (Determinant)
Latest Appearance "A Block and a Hard Place"

The Schoolboy is a minor character in Minecraft: Story Mode and a resident of Redstonia. He appeared as a determinant character in "Assembly Required" who invented the Robot. He is voiced by Matthew Mercer.



The Schoolboy appears to be a young, school-going person. He wears a green top and light brown shorts.


The Schoolboy is portrayed to be a young inventor who invented the Robot, which he is proud of, and thus appears to be very vain when talking to Jesse. He also appears to hold a grudge against Disco Mickey.


  • Like most others in Redstonia, the Schoolboy was striving to become Ellegaard's protégé.
  • The voice actor, Matthew Mercer, also voiced Aiden, Otis, TNT Dustin, the Old Farmer Man (possibly), and an unknown Griefer.

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