"That's OK. Now that the fear has completely paralyzed me, I'm almost enjoying myself!"
—Sandy to Jesse after he/she activates the Flying Machinesrc

Sandy is a minor character in Minecraft: Story Mode​ and a resident of Redstonia. She first appeared as a determinant character in "Assembly Required", who invented the Flying Machine. She is voiced by Ursula Taherian.



Sandy wears brown goggles and black gloves. She also wears a light-brown jacket and a light-blue scarf.


Sandy is an adventurous and risky woman, since she created a flying machine but has a fear of heights. She is also a kind, friendly, and smiley person.


  • It is unknown what will happen to her if Jesse pulls the lever and she flies away.
  • Jesse is able to steal three stone blocks from Sandy's chest.
  • Even though Jesse caused the accident that sends Sandy into the sky, Sandy is still kind and forgives him/her.
  • Like many other Redstonia citizens, she wants to impress Ellegaard with her invention to make her Ellegaard's protégé.
  • She is voiced by the same actress who voices Nohr.
  • Because of her name and her love of inventing, Sandy is similar to Sandy Cheeks, a protagonist in the popular cartoon Spongebob Squarepants.
  • She is known to have a fear heights, as she acts scared after Jesse activated her Flying Machine.
    • Soren also has a fear of heights.
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