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Sandy talking to Jesse (Determinant)
Name Sandy
Gender Female
Species Human
Latest Known Status Unknown
Allies Jesse (Determinant)
First Appearance "Assembly Required" (Determinant)
Latest Appearance "Assembly Required" (Determinant)

"That's OK. Now that the fear has completely paralyzed me, I'm almost enjoying myself!"
—Sandy to Jesse after he/she activates the Flying Machinesrc

Sandy is a minor character in Minecraft: Story Mode​ and a resident of Redstonia. She first appeared as a determinant character in "Assembly Required", who invented the Flying Machine. She is voiced by Ursula Taherian.



Sandy wears brown goggles and black gloves. She also wears a light-brown jacket and a light-blue scarf.


Sandy is an adventurous and risky woman, since she created a flying machine but has a fear of heights. She is also a kind, friendly and smiley person.


  • It is unknown what will happen to her if Jesse pulls the lever and she flies away.
  • Jesse is able to steal 3 stone blocks from Sandy's chest.
  • Even though Jesse caused the accident, Sandy is still kind and forgives him/her.
  • Like many other Redstonia citizens, she wants to impress Ellegaard with her invention to make her Ellegaard's protégé.
  • She is voiced by the same actress who voices Nohr.
  • She is known to have a fear heights, as she acts scared after Jesse activated her Flying Machine.
    • Soren also has a fear of heights.

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