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Reuben (Human)
Reuben, the usher, talking to Jesse's Gang
Name Reuben
Gender Male
Species Human
Latest Known Status Alive
Affiliation The Usher of EnderCon
Allies Jesse's Gang,
Enemies The Wither Storm,
Jesse's Gang (formerly, for breaking into the restricted area without tickets),
First Appearance "The Order of the Stone"
Latest Appearance "A Journey's End?"

Were you looking for the protagonist pig?

"I hope your mission came with tickets to the show? 'Cause, I mean, otherwise... heh-heh."
—Reuben to Jesse's Gang src

Reuben (Human) is a minor character in Minecraft: Story Mode. He is an usher who worked at EnderCon. He stands guard in front of the main hall where Gabriel was. His name is revealed in "A Journey's End?", when Hadrian and Mevia, only knowing that Jesse had a best friend named Reuben and not his species, captured him. He is voiced by Jason "jtop" Topolski.



Reuben appears to have a 2.5 blocks tall similar to Axel, Emily, and the Gladiators. He wears a blue shirt that has an Ender Dragon face on the back and has ginger-blond hair. Reuben also wears to what seems to be a V.I.P., (Very Important Person), pass on his neck. 


Reuben seems to be a very relaxed person who takes his job very seriously. He also wants to look cool and level-headed, and often gives witty replies to people talking to him. He also seems to be scared of chickens.


"Chiiickeeen...! Chicken - chicken - chicken!"
—Reuben when he sees a chicken src
"Yeah, I hope your mission came with tickets to the show, 'cause otherwise..."
—Reuben to Jesse's Gang (determinant). src
"You guys big Gabriel fans or something? Too bad it's sold out"
—Reuben to crowd. src
"Heh, yeah, funny story. Name IS Reuben but, yeah. Not a pig."
—Reuben when he is in the Obsidian prison. (Determinant) src
"It's gone, you're totally fine, you're a totally cool dude."
—Reuben to himself after seeing a Chicken.  src
"Keep your eyes closed! They'll peck out your eyes!"
—Reuben warning everyone about Chickens. src
Petra: "What would it take to get us inside tonight?"
Reuben: "Uh... tickets... heh-heh..."
Reuben: "That was a good one. You should laugh."
—Reuben and Jesse's Gang at EnderCon. src


  • When inside the Wither Storm, the Usher can be seen as one of the Withered Citizens.
    • As a reference to Episode One, he can be seen covered in chickens, (which are also Withered).
  • His name is a reference to the pig, Reuben.
  • Because he shares a common name with Jesse's Reuben, Hadrian and Mevia captured him and mistook him for the pig that was formerly his companion.
  • Reuben, along side Axel, Emily, and all Gladiators are the only characters with big builds only in Minecraft: Story Mode.


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