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Reuben's Memorial

2015-12-22 00012
The Memorial in "A Block and a Hard Place"
Name Reuben's Memorial
Type Memorial
Level Ground
Location In a city

Reuben's Memorial is a location in Minecraft: Story Mode. It was built to honor Reuben's death, whom had died from fall damage after Jesse saved him from being killed from the Wither Storm.



The Memorial is located near the Treasure Room, which is located in the city. It was first surrounded by EnderCon stalls but is now somewhere in the center of the city square.


Reuben's Memorial consists of a structure with a banner of Reuben's head. Below it is in item frame with Reuben's name. The structure is mostly made out of Quartz and Polished Diorite blocks. Nearby the memo are other structures including Ivor's Lava House and the Amulet beacon. Nearby are also several plants, including saplings

The memorial was built 1 week after Reuben's' death, where the celebration of the Wither Storm's defeat took place in "A Block and a Hard Place", before the construction on the town began, there were stalls around the said memorial.



  • In "A Block and a Hard Place", the game states that the memorial was built one week after Reuben's death.
  • Reuben's Memorial consists of Polished Diorite Stairs, which do not exist in vanilla Minecraft

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