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Reginald happy to see Jesse alive
Name Reginald
Gender Male
Species Human
Latest Known Status Alive
Affiliation Sky City Guards
Allies Isa,
Sky City Townspeople,
Jesse's Gang,
Sky City Guards
Enemies The Blaze Rods,
Hostile Mobs
First Appearance "Order Up!"
Latest Appearance "Order Up!"

"Now you listen here! I'm the Captain of the Guard - you can't just talk to me this way!"
—Reginald to Aidensrc

Reginald is a character in Minecraft: Story Mode. He first appears in "Order Up!" as the captain of the guards in Sky City. He is voiced by Sean Astin.



Reginald, like most other members of Sky City's guards, appeared to wear formal brown clothing laced with gold. He also have a thick mustache.


Reginald takes his position as the captain of Sky City's guards very seriously, and is devoted to helping the Founder maintain peace and order. He is later also revealed to be a stickler for the truth, and always does what he thinks is the right thing to do.


"Captain Reginald, at your service."
—Reginald introducing himself to Jessesrc
"Oh, wow, what is this?"
—Reginald to Jesse. (Determinant) src
"You're alive, you're alive! Is the Founder with you? I- ARGH!"
—Reginald to Jesse. src
"You're delusional, Aiden! The people of Sky City will never bow to you! You killed the Founder!"
—Reginald to Aiden. src


  • If Jesse chooses to save Ivor during the confrontation with the guards, Jesse will have to convince Reginald that his/her intentions were good, and he/she wanted to help save Sky City
  • If Jesse choses to keep going after the Eversource after being released from prison, Reginald will look at him/her, Disappointed.


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