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Minecraft Information

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Redstone Repeater

Redstone (Repeater, Active)
A Redstone Repeater in Minecraft
Name Redstone Repeater
Owner (s) Jesse (Determinant),
Disco Mickey,
Type Redstone
Minecraft Beta 1.3

The Redstone Repeater is a Redstone related item in Minecraft: Story Mode. Its main purposes are to extend the range of a Redstone signal and as a diode restricting signal direction.


  • In "Assembly Required", Jesse can either steal a Repeater or craft one in Redstonia.
    • Inside Ellegaard's laboratory, there is a squashing trap which requires its Repeater be adjusted to longer delay.


Redtorch Redstone Dust Redtorch CraftingUIArrow Repeater
Stone Stone Stone


  • Because Jesse is able to obtain two Repeaters in Redstonia, he/she may keep one in their inventory.
    • The second Repeater cannot be used and will disappear later on.
  • In Minecraft, A Redstone Repeater has 4 different delays from 1 tick to 4 ticks.

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