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Soren's Records
Four of Soren's records in his Laboratory
Name Records
Owner (s) Soren the Architect,
Jesse (Temporarily)
Type Music Disc
Minecraft 1.0.0
Records are music discs playable on jukeboxes found in Minecraft: Story Mode. They appear in "The Last Place You Look".


The records appear as regular music discs from Minecraft, with violet, dark blue and black centres.


  • Four records are shown in the game, and the titles are as follows:
    • Totemic Constructions of Peaceful Endermen
    • Endermen Observations, Part 27
    • The Folly of Pumpkins
    • Calls of the Endermen
  • An additional record exists, but cannot be obtained. This record is called Symphony in E. Jesse and Olivia can hear this record being played upon entering Soren's Laboratory.
  • Unlike in Minecraft, the records cannot be retrieved after being played in the Jukebox.

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